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ajnqrwpivnhn fuvsin Arist.


uJper-televw , f. evsw , to overleap, c. acc ., Aesch.


uJper-telhv" , ev" , gen. evo" , ( tevlo" ) leaping over the strait, Aesch.

2. c. gen. rising or appearing above, Eur .; a[qlwn uJpertelhv" having reached the end of labours, Soph.


uJper-tevllw , f. -telw` , to appear above, uJperteivla" oJ h{lio" the sun when he is well above the horizon, Hdt .; uJp. ejk gaiva" to start from the ground, Eur. ; c. gen ., farevwn masto;" uJpertevllwn appearing above her dress, Id.; korufh`" uJpertevllwn pevtro" hanging over the head [of Tantalus], Id.


uJper-tenhv" , ev" , stretching over, laid over, Aesch.


uJperteriva , Ion. -ivh , hJ , the upper part or body of a carriage, Od. From uJpevrtero"


uJpevrtero" , a, on , poët. Comp. from uJpevr , over or above, upper, kreva uJpevrtera flesh from the outer parts of a victim, opp. to the splavgcna or inwards, Od.

2. metaph. higher, nobler, more excellent, Il.: stronger, mightier, Soph.
3. c. gen. victorious or triumphant over, Pind ., Eur. ; oujde;n oi\dÆ uJpevrteron I know nothing further, more certain, Soph.

II. neut. as Adv. , better than, c. gen ., Id.


uJper-thvkw , to melt exceedingly, Strab.


uJper-tivqhmi , f. -qhvsw , to set higher, erect, Anth. 2. to set on the other side, carry over, Plut.
3. in Med. to hold over, so as to protect, Anth.
II. metaph ., panti; qeo;n uJpertiqevmen to set God over all, Pind.
2. to communicate a thing to another, uJperetivqea ( Ion. impf. for -etivqhn ) ta; e[mellon poihvsein Hdt. :—so in Med. , esp. in order to ask advice, Id.


uJper-ti<Eth>mavw , f. hvsw , to honour exceedingly, tinav Soph.


uJpevr-tono" , on , overstrained, strained to the utmost, at full pitch, exceeding loud, Aesch ., Ar.


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