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uJp-h`lqon , aor. 2 of uJp-evrcomai .


uJphmuvw , v. sub uJpemnhvmuke .


uJp-hnevmio" , Dor. -a<Eth>nevmio" , on , ( a[nemo" ) lifted or wafted by the wind, Theocr.

II. full of wind, uJp. wj/ovn a wind- egg, which produces no chicken, Ar. :— metaph. vain, idle, empty, Luc. ; of men, braggart, Plut.


uJp-hvnemo" , on , ( a[nemo" ) under the wind, under shelter from it, Soph ., Theocr. ; ejk tou` uJphnevmou on the lee-side, Xen .: metaph. gentle, Eur.

II. swift as the wind, Anth.


uJphvnh , hJ , ( uJpov ) the hair on the under part of the face, the beard, Ar.


uJphnhvth" , ou, oJ , one that is just getting a beard, with ones first beard, Hom ., Plat. :—generally bearded, Anth.


uJp-hoi`o" , h, on , ( hjwv" ) about dawn, towards morning, early, Hom .; stivbh uJphoivh morning frost, Od.


uJp-h`rgmai , pf. pass. of uJp-avrcw .


uJphresiva , hJ , ( uJphrevth" ) the body of rowers and sailors, the ships crew, Thuc ., etc.

II. service, Ar ., etc.


uJphrevsion , tov , ( uJphrevth" ) the cushion on a rowers bench, Thuc.

II. = uJphretiko;n ploi`on , Strab.


uJphretevw , f. hvsw : plqpf. uJphrethvkein : ( uJphrevth" ) to do service on board ship, to do rowers service: —hence to be a servant, do service, serve, Soph ., Ar.

2. c. dat. to minister to, serve, Lat. inservire , Hdt ., Att. ; uJp. toi`" trovpoi" to comply with, humour his ways, Ar. ; uJp. tw`/ lovgw/ to second, support it, Eur. :— uJp. tiniv ti to help one in a thing, Soph. , Ar. , etc.

3. absol. to serve, lend aid, Soph .: —Pass. to be done as service, Hdt ., Isocr. Hence uJphrevthma


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