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uJpo-baivnw , f. -bhvsomai , to go or stand under: metaph ., tessaravkonta povda" uJpoba;" th`" eJtevrh" »puramivdo"1/4 twujto; mevgaqo" having gone 40 feet below the like size of the other pyramid,
i.e. building it 40 feet lower,
Hdt. ; mikro;n uJpbav" , a little below (in the book), Strab.


uJpo-bavllw , Ep. uJb-bavllw : f. -balw` : pf. -bevblhka :— to throw, put or lay under, Od.; tiv tini Eur.

2. to lay under, as a foundation, Aeschin.
3. to subject, submit, ejcqroi`" ejmautovn Eur.
II. Med. to substitute anothers child for ones own, Lat. supponere , Hdt ., Plat. , etc.
III. to suggest, whisper, as a prompter does, Il., Plat. , etc. : Med. to make false suggestions, Soph.
IV. in Med. to appropriate, Plut.


uJpo-barba±rivzw , to speak a little like a foreigner, speak rather broken, Plat.


uJpovba±si" , ew", hJ , ( uJpobaivnw ) a going down: a crouching down, esp. of a horse that lowers itself to take up the rider, Xen.


uJpo-bevnqio" , on , ( bevnqo" ) under the depths, Anth.


uJpobhvssw , Att. -ttw , to have a slight cough, Luc.


uJpo-biØbavzw , f. Att. -bibw` , Causal of uJpobaivnw , to bring down: Med. to crouch down, of a horse that stoops to take up the rider, Lat. subsidere , Xen.


uJpo-blevpw , f. yomai , to look up from under the brows at, glance at, to look askance at, eye suspiciously or angrily, Lat. limis oculis suspicere , Plat .; also uJp. ejleeinav to cast piteous glances, Anth. :— Pass. to be looked at with suspicion, Eur.


uJpoblhvdhn , ( uJpobavllw ) Adv. throwing in covertly, i.e. by way of caution or reproof, or by way of interruption, Il.

II. askance, h. Hom.


uJpoblhtevo" , a, on , verb. Adj. to be put under, Xen.


uJpov-blhto" , on , ( uJpobavllw ) put in anothers place, counterfeit, suborned, false, Soph.


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