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that. . , Hdt.

2. to be laid down or assumed as an hypothesis, Plat ., etc. ; touvtwn uJpokeimevnwn = Lat. his positis , Id.; impers. , uJpovkeitai a rule is laid down, Dem .; uJpokeivsqw o{ti . . let it be granted that. . , Arist.

3. to be suggested, Hdt.
4. to be left at bottom, left remaining, Thuc ., Dem.
5. to be subject to, submit to, tini Plat .: absol. to be submissive, Id.
6. to be left behind in pledge, to be pledged or mortgaged, tino" for a certain sum, Dem. , etc. ; uJpokeivmenoi , of persons, bound for payment of a sum of money, Id.

7. to underlie, as a substratum, Plat. , etc.
8. to be subordinate, Id.


uJpo-khvrussomai , Att. -ttomai , Med. to make known by voice of herald or crier, to have a thing proclaimed or cried, esp. for sale, Aeschin. ; seauto;n uJp . to advertise yourself, Plat.


uJpo-ki<Eth>nevw , f. hvsw , to move lightly, Zefuvrou uJpokinhvsanto" ( sc. to; kuØma ) Il.

2. metaph. to urge gently on, Plat.
II. intr. to move a little, stir a finger, Hdt ., Ar.
2. metaph. to be deranged, Plat.


uJpo-klaivw , Att. -klavw , to shed secret tears, Aesch.


uJpo-klevptw , f. yw , to steal underhand, filch, Babr .: —Pass. to be stolen away, Pind.

2. uJpoklevptesqaiv ti to be defrauded of a thing, Soph.


uJpo-klivnomai »i<Eth>1/4 , Pass. to recline or lie down-under, c. dat ., scoivnw/ uJpeklivnqh Od.


uJpo-klonevomai , Pass. to be driven in confusion before one, tini Il.


uJpo-klopevomai , Pass. to lurk in secret places, Od.


uJpo-kluvzw , f. uvsw , to wash from below, Anth.


uJpo-knivzw , f. sw , to tickle or excite a little, Pind .: —Pass. to be somewhat excited, Xen.


uJpo-kovlpio" , on , under the folds of the robe, Anth.


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