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uJpovkriØsi" , ew", hJ , ( uJpokrivnomai ): I. in Ion. a reply, answer, Hdt.
II. in Att. the playing a part on the stage, the actors art, Arist.
2. an orators delivery, declamation, Id.
3. metaph. the playing a part, hypocrisy, Phocyl.


uJpokriØthv" , ou`, oJ , ( uJpokrivnomai ) an interpreter or expounder, Plat ., Luc. II. one who plays a part on the stage, a player, actor, Ar ., Plat. , etc.
2. metaph. a pretender, dissembler, hypocrite, N.T.


uJpokriØtikov" , hv, ovn , belonging to uJpovkrisi" ( II ), having a good delivery, Arist.

2. suited for speaking or delivery, uJpokritikwtavth levxi" Id.: hJ -khv ( sc. tevcnh ), the art of delivery, Id.

3. metaph. pretending to a thing, c. gen ., Luc.


uJpo-krouvw , f. sw , to strike gently, Anth .: to beat time, give the time, Plut.

II. metaph. to break in upon, interrupt, c. acc ., Ar.
III. in Med. to find fault with, attack, Id.


uJpo-kruvptw , f. yw , to hide under or beneath, a[cnh/ uJpekruvfqh [the ship] was hidden beneath the spray, Il.


uJpo-krwvzw , f. xw , to croak faintly, as a sick person, Luc.


uJpov-kuklo" , on , running on wheels, Od.


uJpo-kuvomai , Med. to conceive, become pregnant, uJpoku<Eth>sa±mevnh (not -kussamevnh ), Hom. , Hes.


uJpo-kuvptw , f. yw , to stoop under a yoke, oiJ Mh`doi uJpevkuyan Pevrsh/si bowed to the Persian yoke, Hdt .: absol. , of suppliants, to bow down, Ar ., Xen.

II. c. acc ., uJp. ta;n tuvlan to stoop the shoulder so as to let a load be put on, Ar.


uJpov-ku<Eth>fo" , on , somewhat humped, Strab.


uJpo-kwvlion , tov , ( kw`lon ) the thigh of an animal, Xen.


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