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2. of things, to be lacking, left undone, Soph.


uJpo-spavw , f. avsw »a±1/4 , to draw away from under, Plat ., Dem.

2. to withdraw secretly, uJpevspase fugh`/ povda withdrew his foot secretly, stole away, Eur.


uJpo-speivrw , to sow secretly, Anth.


uJpov-spondo" , on , ( spondhv ) under a treaty, bound or secured by treaty, Hdt ., Xen. :— esp. of taking up the dead from a field of battle, tou;" nekrou;" uJpospovndou" ajpodidovnai to allow a truce for taking up the dead, Thuc. ; tou;" nekrou;" uJp. komivzesqai, ajnairei`sqai to demand a truce for so doing, in acknowledgment of defeat, Hdt. , Xen. , etc.


uJpo"-saivnw, uJpo"-seivw , Ep. for uJpo-saivnw, uJpo-seivw .


uJpo-stavqmh , hJ , = uJpovstasi" , sediment, Plat .; ejn th`/ \Rwmuvlou uJpostavqmh/ , in faece Romuli , Plut.


uJpo-staivhn , aor. 2 opt. of uJf-ivsthmi :— uJpo-stav" , part.


uJpovsta±si" , ew", hJ , ( uJfivstamai ) that which settles at the bottom, sediment, Arist.

II. anything set under, subject-matter of a speech or poem, Polyb. , etc.
2. the foundation or ground of hope, confidence, assurance, N.T.
III. substance, the real nature of a thing, essence, Ib.


uJpostavth" »a±1/4, ou, oJ , ( uJfivstamai ) that which stands under, a support, prop, Plut.


uJposta±tov" , ovn , verb. Adj. of uJfivstamai , to be borne or endured, Eur.


uJpo-sta±cuvomai , ( stavcu" ) Pass. to grow up or wax gradually like ears of corn, Od.


uJpo-stegavzw , to support from underneath, Aesch.


uJpov-stego" , on , ( stevgh ) under the roof, in or into the house, Soph.


uJpo-stevgw , to hide under, Xen.

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