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uJpo-ti<Eth>mavomai , Med. as law-term, much like ajntitimavomai , to propose a less penalty for oneself, Xen.


uJp-otobevw , to sound in answer, echo, Aesch.


uJpo-tonqoruvzw , to murmur in an under-tone, Luc.


uJpotopeuvw, = sq. , tinav Thuc .; c. acc. et inf. , Id.


uJpotopevw , aor. I -etovphsa :— to suspect, surmise, Thuc .; c. acc. et inf. , Id.

2. c. acc. pers. to suspect him, Id.
II. so as Dep. uJpotopevomai , aor. I uJpetophvqhn :— to suspect a thing, Hdt. , Ar. ; c. acc. et inf. to suspect that. . , Hdt ., Ar.


uJpo-traulivzw , f. sw , to lisp a little, Luc.


uJpo-trevmw , to tremble a little, Plat.


uJpo-trevfw , f. -qrevyw , to bring up secretly: Med. to cherish secretly, Xen ., Luc. :— Pass. to grow up in succession, Lat. subnasci , Plat.


uJpo-trevcw , f. -qrevxomai and -dra±mou`mai : aor. 2 -evdra±mon : poët. pf. -devdroma :— to run in under, uJpevdrame kai; lavbe gouvnwn she ran in under the sword and clasped his knees, Od.; uJpo; tou;" povda" tou` i{ppou uJpevdrame kuvwn Hdt .: hence to trip up, Ar.

II. to run or stretch away under, h. Hom.
III. to run in between, intercept, Ar ., Xen.
2. to insinuate oneself into any ones good graces, flatter or deceive, Eur ., Plat.


uJpo-trevw , f. -trevsw , to tremble a little, to shrink back, give ground, Il.: c. acc. to flee before, Ib.


uJpo-trhcuvnw, uJpov-trhcu" , Ion. for uJpo-tra<Eth>c- .


uJpo-trivbw »i<Eth>1/4 , f. yw , to rub down the ingredients of a dish, Cratin. Hence uJpovtrimma


uJpovtrimma , ato", tov , a dish compounded of various ingredients, pounded up together, Lat. moretum , Com.

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