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a fair outside skinning over ills below, Soph .: —Adv ., uJpouvlw" ajkroa`sqai to render a hollow obedience, Plut.


uJp-ouravnio" , on , under heaven, under the sky, Il.

II. reaching up to heaven, Hom.


uJpourgevw , f. hvsw , ( uJpourgov" ) to render service or help to one, to serve, assist, succour, tiniv Hdt ., etc. ; crhsta; uJp . ( sc. toi`" jAqhnaivoisi ) to do them good service, Hdt ., etc. ; uJp. cavrin tiniv Aesch. :— Pass. , ta; uJpourghmevna services done or rendered, Hdt.


uJpouvrghma , ato", tov , a service done or rendered, Hdt ., Xen. ; and uJpourghtevon


uJpourghtevon , verb. Adj. one must be kind to, Luc.


uJpourgiva , hJ , service rendered, Soph ., Arist. From uJpourgov"


uJp-ourgov" , ovn , ( e[rgon ) rendering service, serviceable, promoting, conducive to a thing, c. dat ., Xen.


uJpo-faivnw , f. -fa±nw` , to bring to light from under, qrh`nun uJpevfhne trapevzh" he drew the stool from under the table, Od.

2. to shew a little, just shew, Dem.
II. Pass. to be seen under, uJpo; ta;" puvla" povde" uJpofaivnontai Thuc.
2. to just shew oneself, be half seen, Xen.
III. Act. used intr. of the dawn of day, uJpofaivnei hJmevra day just begins to break, Id.; so, uJpofaivnei e[ar Id.:— metaph. , ta; nu`n uJpofaivnonta the difficulties now dawning upon us, Plat.


uJpofa`ti" , Dor. for uJpofh`ti" .


uJpov-fausi" , hJ , ( faivnw ) a light shewing through a small hole: a narrow opening, Hdt.


uJpo-feivdomai , f. somai , Dep. to spare a little, Xen.


uJpofeidomevnw" , Adv. somewhat sparingly, rarely, Plut.


uJpo-fevrw , f. uJp-oivsw : aor. I uJphvnegka ( Ion. uJphvneika ) or aor. 2 uJphvnegkon :— to carry away under, esp. to bear out of danger, Il

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