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uJstero-fqovro" , on , ( fqeivrw ) late-destroying, Soph.


uJsterov-fwno" , on , sounding after, echoing, Anth.


u{strix , iØco", oJ and hJ , the porcupine, Hdt. (Deriv. uncertain.) Hence uJstriciv"


uJstriØciv" , ivdo", hJ , a whip for punishing slaves, Ar.


uJf-avgeo or -eu` , Dor. for uJfhgou` , imper. of uJfhgevomai .


u{faimo" , on , ( ai|ma ) suffused with blood, blood-shot, Dem.

II. of temperament, sanguine, Plat.

uJfaivnw, JUFAI vNW

JUFAI vNW »uØ1/4 , Ion. impf. uJfaivneskon : f. uJfa±nw` : aor. I u{fhna , later, u{fa<Eth>na : pf. u{fagka :— Pass. , aor. I uJfavnqhn : pf. u{fasmai :— to weave, iJsto;n uJfaivnein to weave a web, Hom. ; iJmavtion Plat ., etc. :— absol. to weave, ply the loom, Hdt .: —Med ., iJmavtion uJfaivnesqai to weave oneself a cloak, Plat.

II. to contrive, plan, invent, Lat. texere , dovlon uJfaivnein Il.; mh`tin uJf . Od.
III. generally, to create, construct, Pind.


uJfaivresi" , ew", hJ , a taking away from under, a purloining, ap. Dem. From uJfairevw


uJf-airevw , f. hvsw : aor. 2 uJfei`lon : Ion. uJp-airevw , etc. :— to seize underneath or inwardly, Hom.

II. to draw or take away from under a thing, c. gen ., Il., Plat. :—also th;n cei`ra uJfhv/rei tried to draw it away, Ar.

2. to take away underhand, filch away, Thuc .; uJf. th`" uJpoyiva" gradually to take away part of.
. , Id.:—
Pass. , uJparairhmevno" ( Ion. pf. part .) put secretly away, made away with, Hdt .:—so in Med. to take away underhand, filch away, purloin, Id., Ar. , etc.

3. in Med. also c. acc. pers., uJf. tinav tino" to rob him of a thing, Aeschin.


u{f-a±lo" , on , ( a{l" ) under the sea, u{f. [Erebo" the darkness of the deep, Soph .; to; u{falon the lower waters, Strab.


uJfavnth" , ou, oJ , ( uJfaivnw ) a weaver, Plat.


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