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X , x, xi`, tov , indecl., fourteenth letter of the Gk. alphabet: as numeral xV = 60, but Ëx = 60,000: introduced in the archonship of Euclides, 403 B. C.—It is a double consonant, compounded of g", k" , or c" . Changes

1. x in Aeol. and Att. appears as an aspirated form of k , cf. xunov" with koinov", xuvn with cum; —or of " , cf. xuvn with suvn, xevsth" with Lat. sextarius ; and so in Dor. fut. of Verbs in -zw, komivxw kla/xw` paixw` for komivsw klhv/sw paivsw .

2. interchanged with s" , Ion. dixov", trixov" for dissov", trissov" .

xaivnw, XAI vNW

XAI vNW , f. xa±nw` : aor. I e[xhna :—Pass., aor ejxavnqhn :— to comb or card wool, so as to make it fit for spinning, Od., etc.

2. of cloth, to full or dress it, Ar.
II. metaph. to dress, thrash, beat, rJavbdoi" e[xainon ta; swvmata Plut.:—Pass., xanqevn mangled, Anth. ;—c. acc. cogn., xaivnein kata; tou` nwvtou polla;" (sc. plhgav" ) Dem.


Xanqiva" , ou, oJ , Xanthias, name of a slave in Comedy, Ar.;—no doubt he had yellow hair; cf. purriva" .


xanqivzw , f. Att. iw` , ( xanqov" ) to make yellow or brown, by roasting or frying, Ar.


xanqov-qrix , oJ, hJ , yellow-haired, Solon, Theocr.


xanqo-kavrhno" »a±1/4, on , ( kavrhnon ) with yellow head, Anth.


xanqo-kovmh" , ou, oJ , ( kovmh ) = xanqovqrix , Pind., Theocr.

xanqov", XANQO vS

XANQO vS , hv, ovn , yellow, of various shades; of golden hair, Hom.; so, xanqai; i{ppoi bay or chestnut mares, Il.

II. Xavnqo" paroxyt., as prop. n.
I. a stream of the Troad, so called by gods, by men Scamander, Ib.
2. a horse of Achilles, Bayard, the other being Balivo" , Dapple, Ib. Hence xanqovth"


xanqovth" , hto", hJ , yellowness, esp. of hair, Strab.


xanqotriØcevw ( xanqovqrix ) to have yellow hair, Strab.


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