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bhvx , bhcov", oJ and hJ , ( bhvssw ) a cough, Thuc.


bhvseto , Ep. for ejbhvsato , aor. I med. of baivnw .


bh`ssa , Dor. ba`ssa , hJ , a wooded comb or glen, Hom ., Soph. (Deriv. uncertain.) Hence bhsshvei"


bhsshvei" , essa, en , of or like a glen, wooded, Hes.

bhvssw, BH vSSW

BH vSSW , Att. -ttw : f. bhvxw Hipp.: aor. I e[bhxa :— to cough, Hdt. (Formed from the sound.)


bht-avrmwn , ono", oJ , a dancer, Od. (Perh. from baivnw ajrmov" .)

biva, BI vA, biva

BI vA , Ion. bivh , hJ : Ep. dat. bivh/fi :— bodily strength, force, power, might, Hom ., etc. ; periphr. bivh

JHraklheivh the strength of Hercules, i.e. the strong Hercules, Il.; bivh Diomhvdeo" Ib.; Tudevw" biva, Poluneivkou" b . Aesch. , etc.

2. of the mind, Il.
II. force, an act of violence, Od.; in pl. , Ib.; in Att. , biva/ tinov" against ones will, in spite of him, Aesch. , Thuc. , etc. ; biva/ frenw`n Aesch .; also biva/ alone as an Adv. , perforce, Od., etc. ; so, pro;" bivan tinov" and pro;" bivan alone, Aesch. Hence biavzw


biavzw , f. sw , = biavw , to constrain, Od.:— Pass. , aor. I ejbiavsqhn , pf. bebivasmai :— to be hard pressed or overpowered, Il.; biavzomai tavde I suffer violence herein, Soph. ; biasqeiv" Id.; ejpei; ejbiavsqh Thuc .; bebiasmevnoi forcibly made slaves, Xen .:—of things, tou[neido" biasqevn forced from one, Soph.

II. Dep. biavzomai , with aor. I med. ejbiasavmhn , pf. bebivasmai :— to overpower by force, press hard, Hom. ; biavzesqai novmou" to do them violence, Thuc .;— b. auJtovn to lay violent hands on oneself, Plat. :— b. tina , c. inf ., to force one to do, Xen. ; and inf. omitted, b. ta; sfavgia to force the victims [ to be favourable ], Hdt.

2. c. acc. rei, biavzesqai to;n e[kploun to force the entrance, Thuc.
3. absol. to use force, struggle, Aesch ., Soph. , etc. : to force ones way, Thuc ., Xen. ; c. inf ., b. pro;" to;n lovfon ejlqei`n Thuc .: of a famine, to increase in violence, Hdt.


biaio-mavca" , oJ , ( mavcomai ) fighting violently, Anth.


bivaio" , a, on and o", on , ( biva ) forcible, violent, e[rga bivaia Od.; b. qavnato" a violent death, Hdt. ,

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