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Plat. , etc. ; oJ povlemo" b. didavskalo" is a teacher of violence, Thuc .: —Adv ., biaivw" by force, perforce, Od., Aesch. , etc. ; so, pro;" to; bivaion Id.

II. pass. constrained, compulsory, Plat.


bi-arkhv" , ev" , ( bivo", ajrkevw ) supplying the necessaries of life, Anth.


biastevon , verb. Adj. of biavzw , one must do violence to, Eur.


biasthv" , ou`, oJ , ( biavzw ) one who uses force, a violent man, N.T.


biavw , f. hvsw , pf. bebivhka , = biavzw , to constrain, Il.:— Pass. to be forcibly driven, of fire, Hdt. ; qanavtw/ bihqeiv" overpowered, Id.

II. as Dep. in act. sense, to constrain, press hard, overpower, Hom .; bihvsato ku`mÆ ejpi; cevrsou it forced me upon land, Od.; nw`i> bihvsato misqovn he did us wrong in respect of our wages, Il.:— to force or urge on, Aesch.


biØbavzw : f. bibavsw , Att. bibw` : aor. I ejbivbasa :— Med. , f. bibavsomai , Att. bibw`mai : aor. I ejbibasavmhn :—Causal of baivnw , to make to mount, to lift up, exalt, Soph.


bibavsqw , = bibavw, bivbhmi, makra; bibavsqwn long striding, Il.


biØbavw , poët. form of baivnw , to stride, pevlwra biba`/ he takes huge strides, h. Hom. ; ejbivbaske , 3 sing. Ion. impf ., Id.; elsewhere in part. , makra; bibw`nta, makra; bibw`sa Hom.


bivbhmi , poët. for baivnw , to stride, only in part. , makra; bibav" Il.


biblavrion , tov , Dim. of bivblo" , Anth. : biblarivdion , N.T.


biblivdion »i<Eth>d1/4, tov , Dim. of bivblo" , Dem. , Anth.


bivblino" oi\no", oJ , Biblian wine, from Biblis in Thrace, Hes. , Theocr. : buvblino" in Eur.


biblio-kavphlo" »a±1/4, oJ , a dealer in books, Luc.

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