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bouvleusi" , ew", hJ , deliberation, Arist.

II. the wrongful enrolment of a person among the public debtors, Dem.


bouleutevon , verb. Adj. of bouleuvw , one must take counsel, Aesch ., Soph. , Thuc.


bouleuthvrion , tov , ( bouleuvw ) a council-chamber, senatehouse, Lat. curia , Hdt ., Att.

II. the council or senate itself: and poët. a counsellor, Eur.


bouleuthvrio" , on , ( bouleuvw ) advising, Aesch.


bouleuthv" , ou`, oJ , ( bouleuvw ) a councillor, senator, Il., Hdt. , etc. ;—at Athens, one of the 500, Oratt.


bouleutikov" , hv, ovn , ( bouleuvw ) of or for the council or the councillors, Xen ., Dem.

2. able to advise or deliberate, Plat ., etc.
II. as Subst. , bouleutikovn, tov , in the Athen. theatre, the seats next the orchestra, reserved for the Council, Ar.

2. the senatorial order, Plut.


bouleutov" , hv, ovn , devised, plotted, Aesch. From bouleuvw


bouleuvw , f. sw : aor. I ejbouvleusa , Ep. bouvleusa : pf. bebouvleuka : ( boulhv ):— to take counsel, deliberate, concert measures, and in past tenses to have considered and so to determine, resolve:

1. absol ., oi|o" e[hn bouleuevmen hjde; mavcesqai such as he was in council and in battle, Od.; e[" ge mivan bouleuvsomen [ sc. boulhvn1/4 we shall agree to one plan, Ib.:—in Prose, this sense belongs chiefly to the Med.

2. c. acc. rei, to deliberate on, plan, devise, Od., Hdt. , Att. :— Pass. with f. med ., aor. I ejbouleuvqhn : pf. bebouvleumai :— to be determined or resolved on, Aesch ., etc. ; ta; bebouleumevna = bouleuvmata , Hdt.

3. c. inf. to resolve to do, Od., Hdt.
II. to give counsel, ta; lw`/sta b . Aesch. ; c. dat. pers. to advise, Il., Aesch.
III. in polit. writers, to be a member of Council, Hdt .; esp. of the Council of 500 at Athens, Plat. , Xen. , etc.

B. Med ., f. -euvsomai : aor. I ejbouleusavmhn , Ep. boul or in pass. form ejbouleuvqhn : pf. bebouvleumai :

1. absol. to take counsel with oneself, deliberate, Hdt ., Att.
2. c. acc. rei, to determine with oneself, resolve on, Il., Hdt.
3. c. inf. to resolve to do, Id., Plat. ; b. o{pw" . . , Xen.

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