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boulhv , hJ , Dor. bwlav : ( bouvlomai ):— will, determination, Lat. consilium , esp. of the gods, Il., etc.

2. a counsel, piece of advice, plan, design, Ib., Hdt. , Att. :—in pl. counsels, Aesch.
II. a Council of the elders or chiefs, a Senate, Hom ., Aesch. :—at Athens, the Council of 500 created by Cleisthenes, Hdt. , Ar. , etc. :— boulh`" ei\nai to be of the Council, a member of it, Thuc.


boulhvei" , essa, en , ( boulhv ) of good counsel, Solon.


bouvlhsi" , ew", hJ , ( bouvlomai ) a willing: ones will, intention, purpose, Eur ., Thuc. , etc.

II. the purpose or meaning of a poem, Plat.


boulhtov" , hv, ovn , ( bouvlomai ) that is or should be willed: to; b . the object of the will, Plat ., Arist.


boulh-fovro" , on , ( fevrw ) counselling, advising, Il.; c. gen. a counsellor, Ib.


bou-li<Eth>miva , hJ , ( bou-, limov" ) ravenous hunger, a disease, Arist. Hence boulimiavw


bouli<Eth>miavw , to suffer from boulimiva , Ar. , Xen.


bouvlio" , on , ( boulhv ) = bouleutikov" 2, sage, Aesch.


bouvlomai , Ion. 2 sing. bouvleai : impf. ejboulovmhn , Att. also hjboulovmhn , Ion. 3 pl. ejboulevato : f. boulhvsomai : aor. I ejboulhvqhn , Att. also hjb- : pf. bebouvlhmai : Dep. (The Root is BOL , which appears in Ep. bovlomai , Lat. volo : hence boulhv .) To will, wish, be willing, Hom ., etc. :—mostly c. inf. or c. acc. et inf. , Id., etc. : when bouvlomai is foll. by acc. only, an inf. may be supplied, Trwvessin ejbouvleto nivkhn he willed victory to the Trojans, or Trwvessin ejbouvleto ku`do" ojrevxai ,—both in Il.

II. Att. usages:
1. bouvlei or bouvlesqe foll. by subj. , adds force to the demand, bouvlei lavbwmai would you have me take hold, Soph.

2. eij bouvlei , a courteous phrase, like Lat. sis (si vis) , if you please, Id.
3. oJ boulovmeno" , Lat. quivis , the first that offers, Hhdt., Att.
4. boulomevnw/ moiv ejsti , nobis volentibus est, c. inf ., it is according to my wish that. . , Thuc.
5. to mean so and so, tiv bouvletai ei\nai ; quid sibi vult haec res? Plat .:—hence, bouvletai ei\nai professes or pretends to be, would fain be, Id.

III. followed by h[ , to prefer, for bouvlomai ma`llon, bouvlomÆ ejgw; lao;n sovon e[mmenai, h] ajpolevsqai I had rather the people were saved than lost, Il.

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