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inquit, ait ).

2. fhmiv is sometimes joined with a synon. Verb. e.g. e[fh levgwn, e[fhse levgwn Hdt.; levgei oujde;n famevnh Id.

3. in repeating dialogues, the Verb commonly goes before its subject, e[fhn ejgwv, e[fh oJ Swkravth" said I, said Socrates; but the order is sometimes inverted, ejgw; e[fhn, oJ Swkravth" e[fh I said, Socrates said.

III. in a more definite sense, like katavfhmi , to say yes, affirm, Hom., Att.; kai; tou;" favnai and they said yes, Hdt.; kaiv fhmi kajpovfhmi Soph.; whereas ou[ fhmi means to say no, deny, refuse, hJ Puqivh oujk e[fh crhvsein said she would not answer, Hdt.; eja;n mh; fh`/ if he say no, Ar.; favqi h] mhv say yes or no, Plat.


fhmivzw , Ep. f. -ivxw : aor. I ejfhvmisa , Dor. ejfavmixa : ( fhvmh ):— to utter a voice, fhvmhn fhmivzein Aesch.

2. to spread a report, Hes.: to prophesy, Aesch.:—Med. to express in words, Id.
II. in Med. also to promise, tiv tini Eur.


fh`mi" , io", hJ , poët. for fhvmh , speech, talk, Hom.; dhvmou f . the voice or judgment of the people, Od.;-but dhvmoio fh`mi" (Od. 15. 468) seems to be the place where the people talk, the place of assembly ( ajgorav ).

2. fame, reputation, Ib.


fh`n , Ion. for e[fhn , aor. 2 of fhmiv .


fh`nai , aor. I inf. of faivnw :— fhvneie , 3 sing. opt.

fhvnh, FH vNH

FH vNH , hJ , prob. = aJliaiveto" , the sea-eagle, Od., Ar.

fhvr, FH vR

FH vR , oJ , gen. fhrov" , Aeol. for qhvr , Lat. fera , Pind.: pl. fh`re" , of the Centaurs, Il.


fhro-ma±nhv" , ev" , ( maivnomai ) game-mad, madly fond of wild animals, epith. of Bacchus, Anth.


fhv/" , 2 sing. of fhmiv .

II. fh`", fh`sqa , Ep. for e[fh" , 2 sing. aor. 2.


fqavn , Ep. for e[fqa±san , 3 pl. aor. 2 of fhmiv .

fqavnw, FQA vNW, fqavnw

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