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za-crhhv" , ev" , ( cravw B) only in pl. attacking violently, furious, raging, Hom.


zav-cru<Eth>so" , on , rich in gold, Eur.

zavw, ZA vW, zavw

ZA vW , zh`/", zh`/, zh`te , imper. zh` , inf. zh`n ( aei and ae being contr. into h ); opt. zwv/hn :— impf. e[zwn : f. zhvsw or zhvsomai : aor. I e[zhsa :— Ep. and Ion. zwvw , Ep. inf. zwevmenai, -evmen : impf. e[zwon , Ion. zwveskon : aor. I e[zwsa :—later we find a pres. zovw . To live, Hom ., etc. ; ejlevgciste zwovntwn vilest of living men, Od.; zwvein kai; oJra`n favo" hjelivoio Il.; rJei`a zwvonte" living at ease, of the gods, Ib.; zw`n katakauqh`nai to be burnt alive, Hdt .:—also, zh`n ajpov tino" to live off or on a thing, Theogn. , Hdt. , etc. :— to; zh`n = zwhv , Aesch. , etc. :—in a quasi- trans. sense, ejk tw`n a[llwn w|n e[zh" ( = a} ejn tw`/ bivw/ e[pratte" ) from the other acts of your life, Dem.

II. metaph. to be in full life and strength, to be fresh, be strong, a[th" quvellai zw`si Aesch .; ajei; zh`/ tau`ta »novmima1/4 Soph .; zw`sa flovx living fire, Eur.


-ze , inseparable Suffix, denoting motion towards: —properly it represents -sde , as in jAqhvnaze, quvraze for jAqhvnasde, quvrasde :—but sometimes found with sing. Nouns, as jOlumpivaze, Mounucivaze .


zegevrie" , without mark of gender, a Libyan word = bounoiv , a kind of mouse, Hdt.

zeiav, ZEI vA

ZEI vA , hJ , mostly in pl. zeiaiv , a kind of grain, spelt, a coarse wheat, used as fodder for horses, Od.; like ojluvrai in Il.; and Hdt. expressly asserts their identity.


zeiv-dwro" , on , ( dw`ron ) zea-giving, as epith. of the earth, zeivdwro" a[roura fruitful corn-land, Hom.


zeirav , hJ , a wide upper garment, girded about the loins and falling over the feet, Hdt. , Xen. (A foreign word.)


zevssa , Ep. for e[zesa , aor. I of zevw .


zeugavrion »a±1/4, tov , Dim. of zeu`go" , a puny team, Ar.


zeughla±tevw , f. hvsw , to drive a yoke of oxen, Xen. From zeughlavth"


zeug-hlavth" »a±1/4, ou, oJ , ( ejlauvnw ) the driver of a yoke of oxen, teamster, Xen.

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