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zeugivth" »i<Eth>1/4, ou, oJ , fem. zeugi`ti" , ido" , ( zeu`go" ) yoked in pairs, of soldiers, in the same rank, Plut.

II. zeugi`tai, oiJ the third of Solons four classes of Athenian citizens, so called from their being able to keep a team of oxen, ap. Dem. : cf. pentakosiomevdimnoi .


zeu`gla± , hJ , poët. for sq. , Anth.


zeuvglh , hJ , the strap or loop of the yoke ( zugovn ) through which the beasts‘ heads were put, so that the zugovn had two zeu`glai , Il. Hdt. , etc.

II. the cross-bar of the double rudder, Eur.


zeu`gma , ato", tov , ( zeuvgnumi ) that which is used for joining, a band, bond, to; z. tou` limevno" the barrier of ships moored across the harbour, Thuc. :— a bridge of boats, Anth .:— a platform formed by lashing several vessels together, Plut.

2. metaph ., zeuvgmatÆ ajnavgkh" the bonds of necessity, Eur.


zeuvgnu<Eth>mi or -uvw , inf. -uvnai »uØ1/4 , Ep. zeugnu`men , part. zeugnuv" ; impf. 3 pl. ejzeuvgnuØsan , Ep. zeugn- : f. zeuvxw : aor. I e[zeuxa :— Pass. , aor. I ejzeuvcqhn : aor. 2 ejzuvghn »uØ1/4 : (from Root ZUG , as in zugh`nai ):— to yoke, put to, i{ppou" Hom ., etc. ; z. i{ppou" uJfÆ a{rmata, uJfÆ a{rmasin, uJpÆ o[cesfin, uJpÆ ajmavxh/sin
Il.;—(so in Med. , i{ppou" zeuvgnusqai to put to ones horses, Hom. );—also of riding horses, to harness, saddle and bridle, zeu`xai Pavgason Pind .:—of chariots, to put to, get ready, Id., Eur.

2. to bind, bind fast, Xen .: —Pass ., favrh ejzeugmevnai having them fastened, Eur.
3. metaph ., povtmw/ zugeiv" in the yoke of fate, Pind. ; ajnavgkh/, oJrkivoi" zugeiv" Soph ., Eur.
II. to join together, sanivde" ejzeugmevnai well-joined, Il.
2. to join in wedlock, Eur .:—in Med. , of the husband, to wed, Id.:— Pass. to be married, Soph ., Eur.
3. to join opposite banks by bridges, to;n \Ellhvsponton zeu`xai Hdt ., etc. :—also, gevfuran zeu`xai to form a bridge, Id.

4. to undergird ships with ropes, Thuc.


zeu`go" , eo", tov , ( zeuvgnumi ) a yoke of beasts, a pair of mules, oxen or horses, Il., etc.

2. the carriage drawn by a pair, a chariot, car, Hdt ., etc.
II. a pair or couple of any things, Id., Aesch.


zeugo-trovfo" , on , keeping a yoke of beasts, Plut.


zeukthvrio" , a, on , ( zeuvgnumi ) fit for joining or yoking, gevfuran gai`n duoi`n z . Aesch.

II. as Subst. , zeukthvrion, tov , = zugovn , a yoke, Id.

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