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zeu`xai , aor. I inf. of zeuvgnumi .


zeu`xi" , ew", hJ , ( zeuvgnumi ) a yoking or manner of yoking oxen, Hdt.

II. a joining, as by a bridge, Id.


Zeuv" , oJ , voc. Zeu` : the obl. cases (formed from Div" ), gen. Diov" ; dat. Dii?, Div »i<Eth>1/4 , acc. Diva :—in Poets also, Zhnov", Zhniv, Zh`na , in later Dor. Zavn, Zanov" , etc. :— Zeus, Lat. Ju-piter , father of gods and men, son of Kronos and Rhea, hence called Kronivdh", Kronivwn , husband of Hera:— Hom. makes him rule in the lower air ( ajhvr ); hence rain and storms come from him, Zeu;" u{ei , etc. :—in oaths, ouj ma; Zh`na Hom ., Att. ; so ma; Diva, nh; Diva , Att.

II. Zeu;" katacqovnio" , Pluto, Il.


ZefuØrivh ( sc. pnohv ) , hJ , = Zevfuro" , the west wind, Od.


ZevfuØro" , oJ , Zephyrus, the west wind, Lat. Favonius , Hom ., etc. ; westerly wind, often represented as stormy, Od.; but also as clearing, oJpovte nevfea Z. stufelivxh/ Il. (From zovfo" night, the region of darkness, as Eu\ro" from e{w" , the morn.)

zevw, ZE vW, zevw

ZE vW , 3 sing. Ep .: impf. e[zee : f. zevsw : aor. I e[zesa , Ep. zevssa :— to boil, seethe, of water, Hom. ; levbh" zei` the kettle boils, Il.

2. metaph. to boil or bubble up, of the sea, Hdt. ; of passion, like Lat. fervere , Aesch ., Soph.
3. c. gen. to boil up or over with a thing, zei`n u{dato" kai; phlou` Plat .; also c. dat ., z. fqeirsiv Luc.
II. Causal, to make to boil, qumovn Anth.


zh`, zh`qi , imperat. of zavw .


zhlai`o" , a, on , ( zh`lo" ) jealous, Anth.


zhlhvmwn , on , gen. ono" , ( zhlevw ) jealous, Od.


zhlo-dothvr , h`ro", oJ , giver of bliss, Anth.


zhlo-ma±nhv" , ev" , ( maivnomai ) mad with jealousy, Anth.

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