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zh`lo" , ou, oJ , later eo", tov , (prob. from zevw ) eager rivalry, zealous imitation, emulation, a noble passion, opp. to fqovno" (envy), Plat. , etc. :—but also jealousy, Hes.

2. c. gen. pers. zeal for one, Soph. , Plut.
3. c. gen. rei, rivalry for a thing, Eur. ; z. plouvtou Plut ., etc.
II. pass. the object of emulation or desire, happiness, bliss, honour, glory, Soph ., Dem.
III. of style, extravagance, Plut .:—also, fierceness, N.T.


zhlosuvnh , hJ , poët. for zh`lo" , h. Hom.


zhlotuØpevw , f. hvsw , to be jealous of, to emulate, rival, c. acc. pers., Plat.

II. c. acc. rei, to regard with jealous anger, Aeschin.
2. to pretend to, ajrethvn Id.


zhlotuØpiva , hJ , jealousy, rivalry, Aeschin ., Plut. From zhlovtupo"


zhlov-tuØpo" , on , ( tuvptw ) jealous, Ar ., Anth.


zhlovw , f. wvsw , ( zh`lo" ):

I. c. acc. pers. to rival, vie with, emulate, Lat. aemulari , Soph ., Thuc. , etc. :—in bad sense, to be jealous of, envy, Hes ., Theocr. :— absol , to be jealous, N.T.

2. to esteem or pronounce happy, admire, praise, tinav tino" one for a thing, Soph. , Ar. : ironical, zhlw` se happy in your ignorance! Eur.

II. c. acc. rei, to desire emulously, strive after, Dem .: —Pass ., Plat. , etc.
2. Pass. also of persons, to be impelled by zeal, N.T.


zhvlwma , ato", tov , that which is emulated: in pl. high fortunes, Eur.

II. in pl. also emulous efforts, rivalries, Aeschin ., Dem. ; and zhvlwsi"


zhvlwsi" , ew", hJ , emulation, imitation, Thuc .; and zhlwthv"


zhlwthv" , ou`, oJ , an emulator, zealous admirer or follower, Plat ., etc.

II. a zealot, used to translate Kananivth" or Kananai`o" (from the Hebr. gaÆnaÆ , to glow, be zealous),


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