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hJssavomai , Att. hJtt- : f. hJsshqhvsomai or med. hJtthvsomai in pass. sense: aor. I hJsshvqhn : pf. h{sshmai :— Ion. eJssovomai , part. eJssouvmeno" : 3 sing. impf. eJssou`to (without augm.): aor. I eJsswvqhn : pf. e{sswmai :— Pass. to be less than another, inferior to him, c. gen. pers. , Eur. , Xen. , etc. ; c. gen. rei, hJs". rJhvmato" to yield to the power of a word, Thuc. ; o} hJttw`/to wherein he had proved inferior, Xen.

2. as a real Pass. to be defeated, discomfited, worsted, beaten, uJpov tino" Hdt ., Att. ; also c. gen. pers. , Eur. , etc. ;— hJssa`sqai mavch/ or mavchn Hdt ., Dem.

3. to give way, yield, to be a slave to passion and the like, c. gen ., hJsshmevno" e[rwto" Eur .; tw`n hJdonw`n Xen .:—also c. dat. to be overcome by, hJdonh`/ hJsswvmenoi Thuc.


hJsshtevo" , a, on , neut. pl. hJsshteva , verb. Adj. one must be beaten, gunaikov" by a woman, Soph.


h{sswn , h|sson , gen. ono" : Att. h{ttwn : Ion. e{sswn : Comp. of kakov" or mikrov" (but formed from h\ka , softly, so that the orig. form was hJkivwn , with Sup. h{kisto" ):

I. c. gen. pers. less, weaker, less brave, Hom ., etc. ; c. inf ., e{sswn qei`n not so good at running, Hdt. ; oujdeno;" h{sswn gnw`nai ’second to none’ in judging, Thuc.

2. absol. of the weaker party, h{ssou" genevsqai to have the worst of it, Id.; ta; tw`n hJttovnwn the fortunes of the vanquished, Xen .; of things, to;n h{ttw lovgon kreivttw poiei`n ‘to make the worse appear the better reason,’ Plat.

II. c. gen. rei, yielding to a thing, a slave to, e[rwto" Soph .; kevrdou" Ar ., etc. :—generally, yielding to, unable to resist, tou` peprwmevnou Eur.

III. neut. h|sson , Att. h|tton , as Adv. , less, Od., Thuc. , etc. :—with a negat. , oujc h|sson, oujdÆ h|sson not the less, just as much, Aesch ., etc.


h|stai , 3 sing. of h|mai .


h\/ste , Att. for h[/deite , 2 pl. plqpf. of oi\da , v. * ei[dw .


h[sthn , for h[thn , 3 dual impf. of eijmiv (sum).


h[/sthn , Att. for hjdeivthn , * ei[dw .


h|sto , 3 sing. impf. of h|mai .


h\ston , for h\ton , 2 dual impf. of eijmiv (sum).


h[/stwsa , aor. I of aji>stovw .

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