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h{suØca , neut. pl. of h{suco" , as Adv.


hJsuØcavzw , f. -avsw, -avsomai : aor. I hJsuvca±sa : ( h{suco" ):— to be still, keep quiet, be at rest, Aesch .; hJ ajporiva tou` mh; hJsucavzein the difficulty of finding rest, Thuc .:—often in part. , hJsucavzwn prosmevnw Soph. ; hJsucavsasa by resting from war, Thuc .; to; hJsucavzon th`" nuktov" the dead of night, Id.

II. Causal in aor. I , to make still, lay to rest, Plat.


hJsuØcai`o" , Dor. aJsuc- , a, on , poët. for h{suco" , Soph.


hJsuØcaivtero", -tato" , irreg. Comp. and Sup. of h{suco" .


hJsuØch` , Dor. aJsuca` , Adv. stilly, quietly, softly, gently, Pind .; e[cÆ hJsuch` keep quiet, Plat .; hJ". gelavsai Id.


hJsuØciva , Ion. -ivh , Dor. aJsuciva , hJ , stillness, rest, quiet, Od., Hdt. , Att. :— c. gen. rest from a thing, Hdt. , Plat.

2. with Preps., diÆ hJsucivh" ei\nai to keep quiet, Hdt .:— ejn hJ". e[cein ti to keep it quiet, not speak of it, Id.:— ejfÆ hJsuciva" Ar .:— katÆ hJsucivhn pollhvn quite at ones ease, Hdt .; kaqÆ hJsucivan at leisure, Thuc. :— meqÆ hJsuciva" quietly, Eur.

3. with Verbs, hJsucivan a[gein to keep quiet, be at rest, keep silent, Hdt ., Att. :—so hJsucivan e[cein Hdt. , Att.

II. solitude, a sequestered place, h. Hom. , Xen.


hJsuvcimo" , Dor. aJsuvc- , on , = h{suco" , Pind.


hJsuvcio" »uØ1/4 , Dor. aJsuvc- , on , = h{suco" , still, quiet, at rest, at ease, Il.; also in Prose, trovpou hJsucivou of a quiet disposition, Hdt. ; to; hJsuvcion th`" eijrhvnh" Thuc. Adv. -ivw" , h. Hom.


hJsuØciovth" , hto", hJ , = hJsuciva , Plat.

h{suco", {HSU COS

{HS ØUCOS , Dor. a{suco" , on , still, quiet, at rest, at ease, at leisure, Hes ., Hdt. , Att. ; hJsuvcw/ bavsei frenw`n , i.e. in thought, Aesch. ; ejn hJsuvcw/ quietly, Soph.

2. quiet, gentle, of character, Aesch. , Eur. , etc. ; tou;" ajfÆ hJsuvcou podov" those of quiet life, Id.; ojrgh`/ uJpovqe" h{sucon povda , i.e. moderate thy anger, Id.; to; xuvnhqe" h{sucon their accustomed quietness,

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