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II. the common Att. Comp. and Sup. were hJsucaivtero", -aivtato" , but the regular form -wvtero" is also found.

III. Adv. -cw" , Eur. , etc. : gently, cautiously, Id.:— Sup. hJsucaivtata Plat .—The neut. h{sucon , Dor. a{sucon , is also used as Adv. , Theocr. ; and pl. a{suca , Id.


hjscummevno" , pf. pass. part. of aijscuvnw .


h{sw , fut. of i{hmi .


h[-te ( h[ te ), or also, Il.


h\te or h\ te , surely, doubtless, Hom.


h\/te, h[/thn , Att. for h[eite, hjeivthn , 2 pl. and 3 impf. dual of ei\mi (ibo).


h[thn , 3 dual impf. of eijmiv (sum).


hj/tiavasqe , Ep. for hj/tia`sqe , 2 pl. impf. of aijtiavomai :— hj/tia<Eth>savmhn and -avqhn , aor. : hj/tiva<Eth>mai , pf.
I. = h\ toi , now surely, truly, verily, Il.; after ajllÆ eij . . , nevertheless, Ib.
II. = h[toi , either in truth, followed by h[ , or, Hdt ., etc.

h\tor, \HTOR

\HTOR , tov , in Hom. always in nom. or acc. :— the heart as a part of the body, Il.:—then, as the seat of life, life, h\tor ojlevssai Ib.:—as the seat of feeling, the heart, Ib., etc.

h[trion, [HTRION

[HTRION , Dor. a[trion , tov , the warp in a web of cloth, Plat. , Theocr. :—in pl. a thin, fine cloth, such that one could see between the threads, Eur. ; h[tria buvblwn leaves made of strips of papyrus, Anth.

h\tron, \HTRON

\HTRON , tov , the part below the navel, the abdomen, Plat ., Xen. , etc.


h|tta, hJttavomai, hJttavw, h{ttwn , Att. for h|s"- .


h[-toi :

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