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yh`gma , ato" , ( yhvcw ) that which is rubbed or scraped off, shavings, scrapings, chips, Lat. ramentum , y . (with or without crusou` ) gold dust, Hdt .; y. purwqevn , i.e. dust and ashes, Aesch.


yhvktra , hJ , ( yhvcw ) an instrument used by bathers, a scraper, like stleggiv" , Eur. , Anth.


yh`lai , aor. I inf. of yavllw .


yhla±favw , mostly in pres. , ( yavw ) to feel or grope about like a blind man or one in the dark, cersi; yhlafovwn ( Ep. for -avwn ), of the blinded Cyclops, Od.; yhlafw`nte" w{sper ejn skovtw/ Plat.

2. c. acc. rei, to feel about for, search after, Ar ., N.T. II to feel, touch, stroke, Xen ., N.T.


yhlavfhma , ato", tov , a touch, a caress, Xen.

yhvn, YH vN

YH vN , oJ , gen. yhnov" , the gall-insect, which lives in the fruit of the wild fig and male palm, Hdt. , Ar. Hence Yhnivzw


Yhnivzw , to Psenize, alluding to the Yh`ne" , a Comedy by Magnes, Ar.


yh`xi" , ew", hJ , ( yhvcw ) a rubbing down, currying, Xen.


yhvr , oJ , gen. yhrov" , Ion. for yavr .

yh`tta, Y `HTTA

Y `HTTA , hJ , a flat-fish such as a plaice, sole, turbot, Lat. rhombus , Plat ., etc.


yhttov-pode" , oiJ , ( pouv" ) turbot-footed, name of a fabulous people, Luc.


yhfi<Eth>do-fovro" , on , ( fevrw ) = yhfofovro" , Hdt.


yhfivzw , f. Att. iw` : aor. I ejyhvfisa : pf. ejyhvfika :— to count or reckon, properly with pebbles ( yh`foi , cf. Lat. calculare from calculus), Anth.

II. more freq. as Dep. yhfivzomai , f. Att. yhfiou`mai : aor. I ejyhfisavmhn : pf. ejyhvfismai :—properly, to give ones vote with a pebble, which was thrown into the voting urn, absol. , yhfivzesqai ej" uJdrivan Xen .: generally, to vote, Hdt .; tini for any one, Dem.

2. c. acc. rei, to vote for, carry by vote, povlemon Thuc .; y. paraskeuhvn Id., etc.
3. c. inf. to vote, give ones vote to do a thing, Hdt. , Aesch. , etc. :— c. acc. et inf. to vote that, y.

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