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ta;" sponda;" leluvsqai Thuc.

4. y. periv, uJpevr tino" Plat ., Aeschin.
III. Act. in same sense as Med. , only in Soph. Aj. ( divkhn ejyhvfisan ), and in late writers:—but the aor. I pass. yhfisqh`nai is used in pass. sense, to be voted, Thuc ., Xen. , etc. ; so pf. part. ejyhfismevnoi qanei`n condemned by vote to die, Eur.


yhfiv" , i`do", hJ , Dim. of yh`fo" , a small pebble, Il., Luc.

2. a pebble for reckoning, Anth.


yhvfisma , ato", tov , ( yhfivzomai ) a proposition carried by vote: esp. a measure passed in the ejkklhsiva , a decree, Ar .; to; Megarevwn y . the decree concerning them, Thuc. ; so, peri; Megarevwn y . Id.; y. gravfein to bring in a decree, Ar ., Dem. ; y. ejpiyhfivzein , of the provedroi , to put it to the vote, Aeschin. ; y. nika`n to carry it, Id.; y. kaqairei`n to rescind it, Lat. abrogare , Thuc.


yhfisma±to-pwvlh" , ou, oJ , a decree-monger, Ar.


yhfisma±t-wvdh" , e" , of the nature of a decree, Arist.


yhfo-poiov" , ovn , ( yh`fo" II , poievw ) making votes or tampering with them, Soph.


yh`fo" , Dor. ya`fo" , hJ , ( yavw ) a small stone, a pebble, rubbed and rounded in river-beds or on the sea-shore, Lat. calculus , Pind ., Hdt.

II. a pebble used for reckoning, a counter, yhvfoi" logivzesqai to calculate by arithmetic, to cipher, Hdt .; hence to reckon exactly or accurately, Ar .; ejn yhvfw/ levgein Aesch .:—in pl. accounts, kaqarai; yh`foi an exact balance, Dem.

2. a pebble used for playing at draughts, Plat.
3. a pebble used in voting, which was thrown into the voting-urn ( uJdriva ), Hdt. , Att. ; yh`fon fevrein

to give ones vote, Lat. suffragium ferre , Aesch ., etc. ; so, yh`fon tivqesqai Hdt .:— yhvfw/ krivnein, diakrivnein to determine by vote, Thuc ., etc. :—in collective sense, y. givgnetai periv tino" a vote is taken, Antipho; hJ swvzousa, hJ kaqairou`sa yh`fo" the vote of acquittal, of condemnation, Lys. , Dem. :— th;n yh`fon ejpavgein to put the vote or question, like ejpiyhfivzein , Thuc. b. that which is carried by vote, y. katagnwvsew" a vote of condemnation, Thuc. ; yh`fo" peri; fugh`" a vote of banishment, Xen. c. any resolve or decree, e.g. of a king, Soph. ; liqivna ya`fo" a decree written on stone, Pind. ; didoi` ya`fon parÆ aujta`" [the oak] gives judgment of itself, Id. d. yh`fo" jAqhna`" , Calculus Minervae, a proverb. phrase to express acquittal. The vote by yh`fo" , ballot, must be distinguished from that by kuvamo" , lot; the former being used in trials, the latter in elections.

4. the place of voting (as pessoiv for the place of play), Eur.


yhfoforevw , f. hvsw , to give ones vote, vote, Luc.


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