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saghneuthv" , ou`, oJ , = foreg., Anth. From saghneuvw


sa±ghneuvw , f. sw , to take fish with a drag-net ( saghvnh ), Luc.

II. metaph. to sweep as with a drag-net, i.e. to sweep the population off the face of a country by forming a line and marching over it, a Persian practice, Hdt. , etc. : Pass. , saghneuqei;" uJpÆ e[rwti Anth.


sa±ghvnh , hJ , a large drag-net for taking fish, a seine, Ital. sagena, Luc ., N.T. (Deriv. unknown.)


sa±ghno-bovlo" , oJ , ( bavllw ) one who casts a drag-net, a fisherman, Anth.


sa±ghnov-deto" , on , attached to a drag-net, Anth.


sa±gh-forevw , f. hvsw , ( savgo" ) to wear a cloak, Strab.


savgma , ato", tov , ( savttw ) mostly in pl. covering: the covering of a shield, Eur ., Ar. : a large cloak, Ar.

II. a pack-saddle, Strab ., Plut.
III. a pile, o{plwn Plut.

savgo", SA vGOS

SA vGOS »a±1/4, oJ , a coarse cloak, used by the Gauls, Polyb. (Perh. a Gallic word.)


Saddoukai`oi , oiJ , Sadducees, name of a Jewish sect, N.T.


saqrov" , av, ovn , rotten, decayed, unsound, cracked, Plat ., Dem. Adv. , saqrw`" iJdrumeno" built on unsound foundations, Arist.

2. metaph ., privn ti kai; saqro;n ejggivnesqaiv sfi before any unsound thought comes into their heads, i.e. before they prove traitors, Hdt. ; ". lovgoi Eur. (Deriv. uncertain.)

saivnw, SAI vNW, saivnw

SAI vNW , Ep. impf. sai`non : aor. I e[shna , Dor. e[sa<Eth>na :—of dogs, to wag the tail, fawn, Od.; oujrh`/ e[shne , of the dog Argus, Ib.

II. metaph. to fawn, cringe, Pind ., Aesch.
III. c. acc. pers. to fawn upon, Ar .: to pay court to, greet, Pind ., Soph. ; ". movron to deprecate, shrink from death, Aesch. :— Pass. , saivnomai uJpÆ ejlpivdo" Id.

2. to beguile, cozen, deceive, Id.
3. in N.T. , saivnesqai ejn tai`" qlivyesi seems to mean to be moved, disturbed.

saivrw, SAI vRW

SAI vRW , aor. I e[shra , part. shvra" : pf. with pres. sense sevshra :

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