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I. in pf. to draw back the lips and shew the teeth, to grin like a dog, Lat. ringi , sesa±rui`a ( Ep. for seshrui`a ) Hes. ; seshrwv" Ar .:—in good sense, smiling, Theocr .:—the neut. is used in Adv. sense, sesa<Eth>ro;" gela`n to laugh with open mouth, Theocr .; seshro;" aijkavllein , of a fox, Babr.

II. in pres. and aor. I , to sweep a floor, Eur.
2. c. acc. rei, to sweep up or away, Soph.


sa±kev"-pa±lo" , on , ( pavllw ) wielding a shield, Il.


sa±ke"-fovro" , on , ( fevrw ) shield-bearing, Soph ., Eur.


sa±kivon , v. sakkivon .


sa<Eth>kivta" , oJ , Dor. for shkivth" .


sakkivon , Att. sa±kivon , tov , Dim. of savkko" or savko" , a small bag, Xen.

2. sackcloth, mourning, Menand.


sakko-geneio-trovfo" , on , ( savkko" III , trevfw ) cherishing a huge beard, Anth.


savkko" or savko" »a±1/4, oJ , a coarse hair-cloth, sackcloth, Lat. cilicium , N.T.

II. anything made of this cloth, a sack, bag, Hdt ., Ar.
III. a coarse beard, Ar. (Prob. a Phoenician word.)


sa<Eth>kov" , oJ , Dor. for shkov" .


savko" »a±1/4, tov , gen. eo" , Ion. -eu" , ( savttw ) a shield, Hom ., etc. The earliest shields were of wicker-work or of wood, covered with ox-hides, and sometimes with metal-plates, (that of Ajax had seven hides and an eighth layer of metal); it was concave, so as to hold liquid, Aesch.


savkta" , ou, oJ , ( savttw ) a sack, Ar.


savktwr , oro", oJ , ( savttw ) a packer, {Aidou savktwr who crowds the nether world (with dead men), Aesch.


sakc-uØfavnth" , ou, oJ , ( savkko", uJfaivnw ) one who weaves sackcloth, a sailmaker, Dem.

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