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sa±lavkwn , wno", oJ , a word of uncertain origin, denoting a swaggerer, Arist.


Sa±la±mi<Eth>n-a±fevth" , ou, oJ , betrayer of Salamis, Solon.


Sa±la±mivnio" , a, on , also o", on , Salaminian, of or from Salamis, Hdt.

II. Salaminiva ( sub. nau`" ) , hJ , one of the Athen. sacred ships, Ar. , Thuc. ; v. pavralo" III .


Sa±la±miv" or Sa±la±mivn »i<Eth>1/4 , gen. i`no", hJ , Salamis, an island opposite Athens, Il., etc.

II. a town of Cyprus founded by Teucer of Salamis, h. Hom. , Hdt.


savlassa , Dor. for qavlassa .


sa±lavssw , to overload, cram full, sesalagmevno" Anth.


sa±leuvw , aor. I ejsavleusa :— Pass. , f. saleuqhvsomai : aor. I ejsaleuvqhn : pf. sesavleumai : ( savlo" ):— to cause to rock, make to oscillate, shake to and fro, Eur ., Anth. ; ". tou;" o[clou" to stir them up,
N.T. :— Pass. to be shaken to and fro, totter, reel, cqw;n sesavleutai Aesch.
II. intr. to move up and down, to roll, toss, as on the sea, Xen. :— metaph. to toss like a ship at sea, to be tempest-tost, be in sore distress, Soph ., Eur.

2. of a ship also, to ride at anchor: metaph. , ". ejpiv tini to ride at anchor on ones friend, depend upon him, Plut.

savlo", SA vLOS, savlo"

SA vLOS »a±1/4, oJ , any unsteady, tossing motion, of an earthquake, Eur. : the tossing or rolling swell of the sea, Id.; so in pl. , povntioi savloi Id.

II. of ships or persons in them, a tossing on the sea, Soph .: —metaph. of the ship of the state, tempest-tossing, Id.; savlon e[cein to be in distress, Plut.


salpiggo-logc-uØphnavdai , oiJ , ( savlpigx, lovgch, uJphvnh ) lancer-whiskered-trumpeters, Ar.


salpigkthv" , ou`, oJ , a trumpeter, Thuc ., Xen. From savlpigx


savlpigx , iggo", hJ , a war-trumpet, trump, Il., Trag. , etc. :— metaph. , Pierika; " ., of Pindar, Anth.

II. a trumpet-call, ap. Arist. From salpivzw


salpivzw , f. sw , aor. I ejsavlpigxa , Ep. savlpigxa , also ejsavlpisa :— to sound the trumpet, give

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