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stovlion , tov , Dim. of stolhv II , a scanty garment, Anth.


stoliv" , ivdo", hJ , = stolhv II , a garment, robe, Eur ., etc. ; nebrw`n stolivde" , i.e. fawnskins worn as garments, Id.

2. nhw`n stolivde" sails, Anth.
II. in pl. folds in a garment, Eur.


stovlisma , ato", tov , ( stolivzw ) a garment, mantle, Eur.


stolmov" , oJ , = stolhv II , Aesch. , Eur.


stovlo" , oJ , ( stevllw ) an equipment for warlike purposes, an expedition by land or sea, Hdt. , Trag. , etc. ; teqrippobavmwn st . an equipage with four horses, Eur.

2. generally, a journey or voyage, Soph ., etc. ; ijdivw/ stovlw/ in a journey on ones own account, opp. to dhmosivw/ or koinw`/ st . (on behalf of the state), Hdt. , Thuc.

3. the purpose or cause of a journey, a mission, errand, Soph ., Ar.
4. an armament, army, or, a sea-force, fleet, Att .; ouj pollw`/ stovlw/ , i.e. in one ship, Soph. ; provpa" stovlo" all the host, Id.

5. pagkrativou st ., periphr. for pagkravtion , Pind.
II. = e[mbolon , a ships beak, Id., Aesch.

stovma, STO vMA, stovma

STO vMA , Dor. stuvma , ato", tov , the mouth, Lat. os , Hom ., etc.

2. the mouth as the organ of speech, devka me;n glw`ssai, devka de; stovmatÆ Il.; st. to; di`on the mouth of Jove, Aesch. ; Moisa`n stovma their mouthpiece, Theocr .;—with Preps., ajna; stovma e[cein to have always in ones mouth, Eur .: ajpo; stovmato" by word of mouth, Xen ., etc. : dia; stovma was in every ones mouth, Aesch .; pa`si dia; stovmato" ‘tis the common talk, Theocr .: ejx eJno;" st . with one voice, Ar .; kata; stovma face to face, Hdt ., Att.

II. st. potamou` the mouth of a river, Lat. ostia , Hom ., etc. ; so, hjiovno" st. makrovn the wide mouth of the bay, Il.; st. tou` Povntou , Lat. fauces Ponti , Hdt .:—also, a chasm or cleft in the earth with a stream gushing out, Id.; to; a[nw, to; kavtw stovma tou` ojruvgmato" the opening or width of the trench at top, at bottom, Id.

2. any outlet or entrance, Od., Xen.
III. the foremost part, face, front:
1. of weapons, the point, Il.; the edge of a sword, N.T. :—also like Lat. acies , the front, stovma polevmoio, uJsmivnh" Il.; so alone, Xen.

2. generally, a[kron st. puvrgwn the top of the towers, Eur. ; to; stovma tou` bivou the verge of life, Xen.


stoma±-livmnh , hJ , a salt-water lake, estuary, Strab .: so, stomavlimnon , tov , Theocr.


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