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stoicav" , avdo", oJ, hJ , ( stoi`co" ) in rows: aiJ Stoicavde" ( sc. nh`soi ) a row of islands off Marseilles, now les Isles dÕ Hie`res, Strab.


stoicei`on , tov , ( stoi`co" ) properly, one of a row: hence,

I. in the sun-dial, the shadow of the gnomon, Ar.
II. generally, one of a series, an elementary sound of the voice, a letter, Plat .:— kata; stoicei`on in the order of the letters, alphabetically, Anth.

2. in pl. the elements, Plat ., etc.
3. the elements of knowledge, rudiments, ajrxavmenoi ajpo; tw`n st . Xen.


stoicevw , f. hvsw , ( stoi`co" ) to go in a line or row: to go in battle-order, Xen.

II. c. dat. to be in line with, walk by rule or principle, c. dat ., N.T.


stoic-hgorevw , f. hvsw , to tell in regular order, Aesch.


stoicivzw , f. sw , to set a row of poles with nets to drive the game into, Xen.

II. to order or arrange in system, Aesch.


stoi`co" , oJ , ( steivcw ) a row, stoi`coi tw`n ajnabaqmw`n , of a flight of steps, Hdt. ; kata; stoi`con in a row, Thuc .: of ships, a column, ejn stoivcoi" trisiv Aesch .; of soldiers, a file, Thuc.

II. a line of poles supporting hunting-nets, Xen.


stolav" , avdo", hJ , ( stovlo" ) moving in close array, Eur.


stolhv , hJ , ( stevllw ) an equipment, armament, Aesch.

II. equipment, raiment, apparel, Hdt ., Trag.
2. a piece of dress, a garment, robe, Soph ., Eur. , etc. ; st. qhrov" , of the lions skin which Hercules wore, Eur.


stoliØdovomai , Med. to dress oneself in a garment, c. acc ., Eur.


stoliØdwtov" , hv, ovn , verb. Adj. of stolidovomai, st. citwvn a tunic hanging in folds, Xen.


stolivzw , f. ivsw , ( stoliv" ) to put in trim, stolivsa" nho;" pterav having trimmed the sails, Hes.

2. to equip, dress: Pass. , ejstolismevno" doriv armed with spear, Eur.
3. metaph. to deck, adorn, Anth.

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