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strateutevon , verb. Adj. one must make an expedition, Xen. From strateuvw


stra±teuvw , f. sw , ( stratov" ) to serve in war, serve as a soldier, do military service, take the field, march, Hdt ., Att. ; c. acc. cogn. , str. strateivan Eur.

II. Dep. strateuvomai , f. -euvsomai : aor. I ejstrateusavmhn and ejstrateuvqhn : pf. ejstravteumai :— to serve, take the field, Lat. militari , Hdt .; ejstrateumevno" having been a soldier, Ar.

2. to lead an army, march, Hdt ., Att.


stra±thgevw , f. hvsw , ( strathgov" ) to be general, Hdt ., Att. :— c. gen. to be general of an army, Hdt. , Att. :— to lead as general, c. dat ., ejstrathvghse Lakedaimonivoisi Hdt .; c. acc. cogn. , str. povlemon to conduct war, Dem. : with neut. Adj ., to do a thing as general, tou`to Xen .; pavnta Dem .:— Pass. to be conducted, Plat ., Dem.

2. metaph ., pou` su; strathgei`" tou`de ; how claimst thou to command this man? Soph. Hence strathvghma


stra±thvghma , ato", tov , the act of a general, esp. a piece of generalship, a stratagem, Xen ., etc.


stra±thgiva , Ion. -ivh , hJ , ( strathgov" ) the office, dignity, or post of general, command, Hdt ., Att. ; of naval command, Xen.

2. the office of strathgov" at Athens, a sort of War-minister, Ar ., Plat. :—at Rome the Praetorship, Plut.

3. a period of command, campaign, Xen.
II. the qualities or skill of a general, generalship, Id.


stra±thgiavw , Desiderat. of strathgevw , to wish to be a general, wish to make war, Xen ., Dem.


stra±thgikov" , hv, ovn , ( strathgov" ) of or for a general, Plat .:— hJ -khv ( sc. tevcnh ) = strathgiva II , Id.;so, ta; str . Xen.

II. of persons, fitted for command, versed in generalship, Id., etc. :— Adv. -kw`", eu\ kai; str . Ar.
2. at Rome, praetorian, Strab.


stra±thvgion , tov , the generals tent, Lat. praetorium , Soph ., Dem.

2. at Athens, the place where the strathgoiv held their sittings, Aeschin.


stra±thgiv" , ivdo" , fem. Adj. of the general, puvlai str . the entrance of the general s tent, Soph .; nau`" str . the admirals ship, flag- ship, Thuc. ; so, hJ str . alone, Hdt. : at Rome, spei`ra str . the praetorian cohort, Plut.

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