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stra±thgov" , Dor. strata<Eth>gov" , oJ , the leader or commander of an army, a general, Hdt ., Att. : generally, a commander, governor, Soph.

II. at Athens, the title of 10 officers elected yearly to command the army and navy, and conduct the war-department, with the Polemarch at their head, Hdt. , Thuc. , etc. ; when distinguished from nauvarco" and i{pparco" the strathgov" is commander of the infantry, Dem.

2. one of the chief magistrates of several Greek cities, Hdt. , Polyb.
3. str. u{pato" , or strathgov" alone, the Roman Consul, Polyb .; str. eJxapevleku" the Praetor,

Id.:—also one of the duumviri or chief magistrates of Roman colonies, N.T.

4. an officer who had the custody of the Temple at Jerusalem, Ib.


strathivh , hJ , Ion. for strateiva .


stra±thla±siva , Ion. -ivh , hJ , an expedition, campaign, Hdt.

II. the army itself, Id. From strathlatevw


stra±thla±tevw , f. hvsw , to lead an army into the field, Hdt ., Aesch. , etc.

II. c. gen. to be commander of, to command, Eur .; c. dat ., Id. From strathlavth"


stra±t-hlavth" »a±1/4, ou, oJ , ( ejlauvnw ) a leader of an army, a general, commander, Soph ., Eur. , etc. ; of an admiral, str. new`n Aesch.

strativa, stratiav

stra±tiva , Ion. -ihv , hJ , = stratov" , an army, Aesch ., Thuc. , etc. : absol. a land force, as distinguished from a fleet, Hdt.

2. generally, a host, company, band, Pind.
II. = strateiva , an expedition, Ar ., Thuc.


stra±tiv-arco" , oJ , = stravtarco" , Xen.


stravtio" »a±1/4, a, on , ( stratov" ) warlike, Hdt.


stra±tiwvth" , ou, oJ , ( stratiav ) a citizen bound to military service; generally, a soldier, Hdt ., Att. ; collectively, oJ stratiwvth" the soldiers, Thuc. Hence stratiwtikov"


stra±tiwtikov" , hv, ovn , of or for soldiers, Xen ., etc. :— to; str . ( sc. ajrguvrion ) the pay of the forces, Dem. ; but, to; str . ( sc. plh`qo" ) the soldiery, Thuc .; ta; stratiwtikav ( sc. pravgmata ) military affairs, Xen.

2. fit for a soldier, military, str. hJlikiva the military age, Id.
3. warlike, soldierlike, gevnh Arist.

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