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II. Adv. like a soldier, Isocr .:—of ships, stratiwtikwvteron pareskeuasmevnoi equipped rather as troop-ships than for battle, Thuc.


stra±tiw`ti" , ido" , fem. of stratiwvth" ; as Adj. , str. ajrwgav the martial aid, Aesch.

2. str . ( sc. nau`" ), a troop-ship, transport, Thuc ., Xen.


stra±to-logevw , ( levgw ) to levy soldiers: Pass ., Plut.


stra±to-mavnti" , ew", oJ , prophet to the army, Aesch.


stra±toped-avrch" , ou, oJ , a military commander, Lat. tribunus legionis , Luc.


stra±topedeiva , hJ , = stratopevdeusi" , Xen.


stra±topevdeusi" , hJ , an encamping, Xen.

2. an encampment, the position of an army, Id.; and stratopedeutikov"


stra±topedeutikov" , av, ovn , of an encampment, Polyb.


stra±topedeuvw , f. sw , to encamp, bivouac, take up a position, Xen .:—also as Dep. stratopedeuvomai , Hdt. , Thuc. , etc. ; pf. ejstratopedeu`sqai to be in camp, Xen .: of a fleet, to be stationed, Hdt. From stratovpedon


stra±tov-pedon , tov , the ground on which soldiers are encamped, a camp, encampment, Hdt ., Aesch. :—hence, a camp, encamped army, Hdt ., Thuc.

II. generally, an army, Hdt .; also, a squadron of ships, Id., Thuc.
2. the Roman legion, Polyb.

stra tov", STRA TO vS

STR ØATO vS , oJ , an encamped army, generally, an army, host, ajna; stratovn or kata; str . throughout the army, Hom .; Ep. gen. stratovfi Il.; of a naval force, Aesch. , etc.

2. the soldiery, people, exclusive of the chiefs, Hom. : so, the commons, people, Pind ., Aesch.
3. any band or body of men, Pind.


stra±to-fuvlax »uØ1/4, a±ko", oJ , a commanding officer, Strab.


stra±tovw , to lead to war; only found in aor. I pass. part. stratwqevn ( sc. stovmion ) the curb formed

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