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by the army, Aesch .: v. stratavw .


Stra±twnivdh" , ou, oJ , Comic patronymic, Son of the army, Ar.


streblov" , hv, ovn , ( strevfw ) twisted, crooked, Arist .; of the brows, knit, wrinkled, Anth .: metaph. , strebloi`si palaivsmasi by cunning dodges in wrestling, Ar.


streblovth" , hto", hJ , crookedness, Plut.


streblovw , f. wvsw : aor. I ejstrevblwsa : ( streblov" ):— to twist or strain tight, str. ta; o{pla o[noisi to draw the cables taut with windlasses, Hdt. : to screw up the strings of an instrument, Plat.

II. to twist or wrench a dislocated limb, with a view to setting it, Hdt.
2. to stretch on the wheel or rack, to rack, torture, Ar .: —Pass ., streblou`sqai ejpi; trocou` Id.
3. metaph. to pervert or distort words, N.T.


strevmma , tov , ( strevfw ) a wrench, strain, sprain, Dem.


strevpt-aiglo" , a, on , ( ai[glh ) whirling-bright, Ar.


streptov" , hv, ovn , verb. Adj. of strevfw , flexible, pliant: strepto;" citwvn a shirt of chain-armour, Lat. lorica annulata , Il.; streptai; luvgoi pliant withs, Eur. : twined, wreathed, Anth.

2. streptov", oJ , a collar of twisted or linked metal, Lat. torques , Hdt ., Xen. , etc.
3. of pastry, a twist or roll, Dem.
II. metaph. to be bent or turned, streptoi; kai; qeoi; aujtoiv the gods themselves may be turned (by prayer), Il.; str. glw`ssa a glib, pliant tongue, Ib.

III. bent, curved, of a pick-axe, Eur. ; of a bow, Theocr.


strepto-fovro" , on , ( streptov" 1. 2, fevrw ) wearing a collar, Lat. torquatus , Hdt.


streuvgomai , Pass. to be squeezed out in drops: metaph. to be drained of ones strength, exhausted, Hom.


strefe-di<Eth>nevw , f. hvsw , to spin or whirl something round: Pass ., o[sse oiJ strefedivnhqen (for -nhvqhsan ) his eyes span round, of one stunned by a blow on the nape of the neck, Il.

strevfw, STRE vFW, strevfw

STRE vFW , Ep. impf. strevyaskon : f. strevyw : aor. I e[streya , Ep. strevya : pf. e[strofa :— Med. , f. strevyomai : aor. I ejstreyavmhn : pf. pass. e[strammai (in med. sense):— Pass. , f. stra±fhvsomai :

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