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aor. I ejstrevfqhn , Ion. and Dor. ejstravfqhn : aor. 2 ejstravfhn :— to turn about or aside, turn, Hom ., etc. ; str. i{ppou" to turn or guide horses, Il.; str. savko" to sway the shield, Soph.

II. a[nw kai; kavtw str . to turn upside down, Aesch. , Plat. ; so, kavtw str . Soph. ; so, strevfein alone, to overturn, upset, Eur.

III. to twist a rope, Xen.
2. metaph. of pain, to twist, torture, Ar ., Plat.
IV. to twist, plait, ejstrammevna Xen .: to spin, Luc.
V. metaph. to turn a thing over in ones mind, tiv strevfw tavde ; Eur. , Dem.
VI. to turn from the right course, divert, embezzle, Lys.
B. Pass. and Med. to turn oneself, to turn round or about, turn to and fro, Il.; e[nqa kai; e[nqa strevfesqai , of one tossing in bed, Ib.

2. to turn to or from an object, to turn back, return, Ib., Soph. ; strafevnte" e[feugon Xen.
3. of the heavenly bodies, to revolve, Od.; of the distaff, Plat.
II. to twist about, like a wrestler trying to elude his adversary; so, in argument, to twist and turn, shuffle, tiv tau`ta strevfei ; why d’ye shuffle so? Ar. ; tiv dh`ta e[cwn strevfei ; why then do you keep shuffling, Plat. ; pavsa" strofa;" strevfesqai to twist every way, Id.

2. to turn and change, Soph .; tou` de; sou` yovfou oujk a]n strafeivhn I would not turn for any noise of thine, Id.

III. to twist oneself up with a thing, stick close to it, Od.:—then, like Lat. versari , to be always engaged, Plat.

2. generally, to be at large, go about Soph.
3. ejstrammevno", h, on , of places, ejstr. ejpi; tovpon turned towards, Polyb.
C. in strict Med. sense, to turn about with oneself, take back, Soph.
D. intr. in Act. , like Pass. to turn about, Il.; of soldiers, to wheel about, Xen.


strevyaskon , Ep. impf. of strevfw .


streyo-diØkevw , f. hvsw , ( divkh ) to twist justice, Ar.


streyo-diØko-pa±nourgiva , hJ , cunning in the perversion of justice, Ar.


strhnhv" , ev" , strong, hard, rough, harsh: neut. as Adv. , Anth. (Deriv. uncertain.) Hence strhniavw


strhniavw , f. avsw , to run riot, wax wanton, N.T.


strh`no" , oJ, eo", tov , ( strhnhv" ) wantonness, N.T.


striØbiØliØkivgx , Comic word, oujdÆ a]n stribilikivgx not the least, not a fraction, Ar.


strobevw , f. -hvsw , ( strovbo" ) to twist, twirl or whirl about, Ar .: —metaph. to make dizzy, distract,

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