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strouqo-kavmhlo" »a±1/4, oJ , also hJ , an ostrich, from its camel-like neck, Strab.

strouqov", STROUQO vS

STROUQO vS , oJ and hJ , the sparrow, Il., etc.

2. oJ mevga" str . the large bird, i.e. the ostrich, Struthio, Xen .: also called strouqo;" katavgaio"
(i.e. the bird that runs on the ground, does not fly), Hdt. ; also simply strouqov" , like strouqokavmhlo" , Ar.


strouqo-favgo" , on , feeding on birds, Strab.


strofai`o" , a, on , ( strofeuv" ), epith. of Hermes, standing as porter at the door-hinges, with a play on the sense of twisty, shifty, Ar.


strofavligx »a±1/4, iggo", hJ , ( strofalivzw ) a whirl, eddy, Hom .: —metaph ., str. mavch" Anth.


strofa±livzw , Frequent. of strevfw, hjlavkata str . to turn the spindle, Od.


strofav" , avdo", oJ, hJ , ( strevfw ) turning round, [Arktou strofavde" kevleuqoi the Bears revolving

path, Soph.

II. Strofavde" ( sc. nh`soi ) , aiJ , the Drifting Isles, a group not far from Zacynthus, supposed to have been once floating.


strofei`on , tov , ( strevfw ) a twisted noose, cord, Xen.

2. a windlass, capstan, on which a cable runs, Luc.


strofeuv" , evw", oJ , ( strevfw ) the socket in which the pivot of a door ( oJ strovfigx ) moved, Ar.


strofevw , f. hvsw , to have the colic ( v. strovfo" II ), Ar.


strofhv , hJ , ( strevfw ) a turning, e.g. of a horse, Xen. ; ejn strofai`sin ojmmavtwn with rolling of the eyes, Eur.

2. a twist, such as wrestlers make to elude their adversary, Plat. :— metaph. a trick, dodge, Ar.
II. the turning of the Chorus as they danced from right to left of the ojrchvstra : the strain sung during this evolution, the stropheŒ, to which the ajntistrofhv answers.


strovfigx , iggo", oJ , ( strevfw ) the pivot, axle or pin on which a body turns, Eur.

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