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2. strovfigge" were pivots working in sockets, at top and bottom of a door, which served instead of hinges, Plut.

3. metaph ., str. glwvtth" , of a well-hung tongue, Ar.


strovfion , tov , Dim. of strovfo" , a band worn by women round the breast, Ar.

II. a headband worn by priests, Plut.


strovfi" , io", oJ , ( strevfw ) a twisting, slippery fellow, Ar.


strofiv" , ivdo", hJ , = strovfion , Eur.


strofo-di<Eth>nevomai , ( dinevw ) Pass. to wheel eddying round, of vultures wheeling round their nest, Aesch.


strovfo" , oJ , ( strevfw ) a twisted band or cord, used as a sword-belt, Od.: generally, a cord, rope, Hdt.

2. = strovfion , a maiden-zone, Aesch.
3. a swathingcloth, swaddling-band, h. Hom.
II. a twisting of the bowels, colic, Lat. tormina , Ar.


Stru<Eth>moniva" , Ion. -ivh" ( sc. a[nemo" ) , oJ , a wind blowing from the Strymon, i.e. a NNE. wind, Hdt.


Stru<Eth>mwvn , ovno", oJ , the Strymon, a river of Thrace, Hes. , Hdt. :— Adj. Strumovnio" , a, on , of the Strymon, Aesch ., Eur. ; and Strumonikov" , hv, ovn , Strab.


strufnov" , hv, ovn , ( stuvfw ) of a taste which draws up the mouth, rough, harsh, astringent, Xen ., Anth.

II. metaph. of temper or manner, harsh, austere, Ar ., Xen.


strufnovth" , hto", hJ , a rough, harsh taste: metaph. harshness of temper, Plut.


strw`ma , ato", tov , ( strwvnnumi ) anything spread or laid out for lying or sitting upon, a mattress, bed, Lat. stragulum, vestis stragula , Theogn .:—in pl. the bedclothes, the coverings of a dinner-couch, Ar. , etc.

2. a horsecloth, horse-trappings, Xen.


strwma±tov-desmon , tov , a leathern or linen sack in which slaves had to tie up the bedclothes ( strwvmata ), Xen. , Aeschin.

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