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strwma±to-fuvlax »uØ1/4, a±ko", oJ, hJ , one who has the care of the bedding, Plut.


strwmnhv , hJ , a bed spread or prepared; generally, a bed, couch, Pind ., Aesch. , etc. : a mattress, bedding, Xen .; str. a[fqito" , of the golden fleece, Pind. From strwvnnumi


strwvnnu<Eth>mi and -uvw , v. storevnnumi .


strw`son , aor. I imper. of strwvnnumi .


strwvth" , ou, oJ , one that gets couches ready, Plut.


strwtov" , hv, ovn , spread, laid, covered, Hes ., Eur. ; strwta; favrh bed clothes, Soph.


strwfavw , Frequent. of strevfw , as trwpavw of trevpw , to turn constantly, str. hjlavkata to keep turning the spindle, i.e. spin, Od.:— Pass. to keep turning, so as to face the enemy, Il.: to roam about, wander, Ib.; str. ajna; th;n povlin Hdt .; hence, like Lat. versari in loco , to move freely in a place, live there, Il.; ejn levcei strwfwvmeno" , i.e. claiming a husbands rights, Aesch.


stuØg-avnwr »a<Eth>1/4, oro", oJ, hJ , ( stugevw, ajnhvr ) hating a man or the male sex, Aesch.


stuØgerov" , av, ovn , ( stugevw ) poët. Adj. hated, abominated, loathed, or hateful, abominable, loathsome, Hom ., Trag. :— c. dat. bearing hatred or malice towards one, stugero;" dev oiJ e[pleto qumw`/ Il.

2. hateful, wretched, miserable, Soph ., Ar.
II. Adv. -rw`" , to ones sorrow, miserably, Hom ., Soph.


stuØger-wvph" , e" , ( w[y ) of hateful look, horrible, Hes.


stuØger-wpov" , ovn , = foreg., Anth.

stu gevw, STU GE vW

ST ØUGE vW : aor. I ejstuvghsa and e[stuxa : pf. ejstuvghka : aor. 2 e[stuØgon :— Pass. , f. stughvsomai in pass. sense: aor. I ejstughvqhn :— to hate, abominate, abhor, stronger than misevw , Hom. , Trag. :— c. inf. to hate or fear to do a thing, Il., Soph. :— Pass. to be abhorred, detested, Aesch. ; tiv dÆ ejsti prov" gÆ ejmou` stugouvmenon ; what is the horrid thing that I have done? Soph.

II. in aor. I , to make hateful, Od. Hence stuvghma

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