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II. metaph. harsh, severe, cruel, Id.


stuflov" , ovn , = foreg., Trag.


stuØfo-kovpo" , on , ( stuvpo", kovptw ) striking with a stick; used, like ojrtugokovpo" , of a game, in which they put quails in a ring, and hit them with little sticks; if a quail ran out of the ring, it was beaten, Ar.

stuvfw, STU vFW

STU vFW »u<Eth>1/4 , f. yw , to draw together: Pass ., ceivlea stufqeiv" having his lips drawn up by the taste, Anth.


stwikov" , hv, ovn , ( stoav ) of a colonnade or piazza: —hence, Stoïc, of or belonging to the Stoïcs (because Zeno taught in the stoa; Poikivlh ), N.T. ; cf. Stoi>kov" .


stwmuØliva , hJ , wordiness, Ar .: small talk, Anth.


stwmuØlio-sullektavdh" , ou, oJ , a gossip-gleaner, Ar.


stwmuvllw , (from stwmuvlo" , as strogguvllw from strogguvlo" ):— to be talkative, to chatter, babble, Ar .:—so as Dep. stwmuvllomai , f. stwmulou`mai , aor. I ejstwmulavmhn , Id. Hence stwvmulma


stwvmulma , ato", tov , = stwmuliva , Ar.


stwmuvlo" »uØ1/4, on , and h, on : ( stovma ):— mouthy, wordy, talkative, chattering, glib, Ar ., Theocr. ; ta; st. tau`ta this nonsense, Anth.

suv, S vU, suv

S vU »uØ1/4 , subst. Pron. of the second pers., thou: Ep. tuvnh »u<Eth>1/4 , Aeol. and Dor. tuv , Lat. tu , Engl. thou.- gen. sou` , enclit. sou , Ep. seu`, sevo, sei`o, sevqen , and as enclit. seu, seo , Ion. seo, seu` , Dor. teu`, teu , lengthd. teou` , Ep. teoi`o :—Dat. soiv , Ion. and Dor. toiv , enclit. toi , Dor. tei?n, tivn :—Acc. sev , enclit. se , Dor. tev , or (enclit.) tu .

2. strengthd. by compos. with the enclit. ge , suvge (like e[gwge ), thou at least, for thy part, in Hom. , etc. , Dor. tuvga Theocr.

II. Dual nom. and acc. sfw`i , you two, both of you, Hom .; also sfwv Il., Att. :—Gen. and Dat. sfw`in

Hom. ; contr. sfw`/n Od., Att.

III. Plur., nom. uJmei`" , ye, you, Hom ., etc. , Aeol. and Ep. u[mme" , Dor. uJmev" :—Genit. uJmw`n , Ep. uJmevwn (dissyll.) and uJmeivwn , Hom:—Dat. uJmi`n , Id., etc. , Trag. also uJmivn »iØ1/4 :— Aeol. and Ep. u[mmiØ, u[mmiØn :—Acc. uJma`" , Ep. uJmeva" (dissyll.), Aeol. and Ep. u[mme .


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