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su-agresiva , hJ , ( su`", a[gra ) a boar-hunt, Anth.


SuØba±rivzw , f. ivsw , to live like a Sybarite, Ar.


Suvba±ri" »uØ1/4, hJ , gen. ew" , Ion. -io" , Sybaris, a city of Magna Graecia, on a river of the same name, noted for luxury, Hdt. , etc. Hence Subarivth"


SuØba±rivth" »i<Eth>1/4, ou, oJ , a Sybarite, Hdt ., Ar. :— fem. Subari`ti", ido" , Ar. ; and as Adj. , Theocr. ; and Subaritikov"


SuØba±ri<Eth>tikov" , hv, ovn , of Sybaris: lovgoi S . a class of fables among the Greeks, Ar.


suØ-bovsi<Eth>on , tov , ( su`", bovskw ) a herd of swine, Hom.


Suv-bota , tav , ( su`", bovskw ) swine-pastures, name of some islets near Corcyra, Thuc.


suØbovth" , ou, oJ , = subwvth" , Arist.


suØ-bwvth" , ou, oJ , ( su`", bovskw ) a swineherd, Od., Hdt.


suvg-ga±mo" , on , united in wedlock, married, a[llw/ to another, Eur. :—generally, connected by marriage, Id.

2. xuvggamov" soi Zeuv" sharing thy marriage-bed, of Amphitryon, Id.: pl. the rival wives of one man, Id.


sug-geivtwn , ono", oJ, hJ , bordering, neighbouring, Eur.


suggevneia , hJ , ( suggenhv" ) sameness of descent or family, relationship, kin, Eur ., etc. : c. gen. kin, relationship with or to another, hJ x. tou` qeou` Plat .; also, hJ pro;" tou;" pai`da" " . Isocr.

2. ties of kindred, family connexion, influence, Plat.
II. ones kin, kinsfolk, kinsmen, Eur .; in pl. families, Dem.


sug-genhv" , ev" , ( givgnomai ) born with, congenital, natural, in-born, Pind ., Aesch. ; suggenei`" mh`ne" the months of my natural life, Soph .:—so in Adv. , suggenw`" duvsthno" miserable from my birth, Eur.

II. of the same kin, descent or family with another, akin to him, tini Hdt ., Att. :— absol. akin,

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