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cognate, Trag ., etc. :—as Subst. a kinsman, relative, tino" of another, Ar. , Plat. :—in pl. , oiJ suggenei`" kinsfolk, kinsmen, Hdt ., etc. :— to; suggenev" , = suggevneia , Aesch. , etc. ; eij touvtw/ proshvkei Lai?w/ ti " . if this man had any connexion with Laius, Soph.

2. metaph. akin, cognate, of like kind, Ar ., Plat.
III. at the Persian court, suggenhv" was a title bestowed by the king as a mark of honour (like Cousin), Xen. Hence suggenikov"


suggenikov" , hv, ovn , congenital, hereditary, Plut.

II. of or for kinsmen, ". filiva between kinsfolk, Arist .: —Adv. -kw`" , like kinsfolk, Dem.


sug-gevrwn , onto", oJ , a co-mate in old age, Babr.


suggewrgevw , f. hvsw , to be a fellow-labourer, Isae. From suggevwrgo"


sug-gevwrgo" , oJ , a fellow-labourer, Ar.


sug-ghqevw , pf. -gevghqa , to rejoice with, tiniv Eur.


sug-ghravskw , f. -ghravsomai , aor. I -eghvra<Eth>sa :— to grow old together with, tiniv Hdt .; absol. , Aesch.


suvg-ghro" , on , ( gh`ra" ) growing old together, Anth.


sug-givgnomai , Ion. suggivn- »i<Eth>1/4 : f. -genhvsomai , aor. 2 -egenovmhn , pf. -gevgona : Dep. :— to be with any one, hold converse or communication with, associate or keep company with, tiniv Hdt ., Att. ; so, also, ". ej" lovgou" tiniv Ar.

2. of disciples or pupils, to hold converse with a master, consult him, Id., etc.
3. to come to assist, tiniv or prov" tina Aesch .; absol. , Soph.
4. to come together, meet, Hdt ., etc. ; oiJ suggignovmenoi comrades, Xen.


sug-gignwvskw , Ion. suggi<Eth>n- : f. -gnwvsomai : aor. 2 -evgnwn : pf. -evgnwka :— to think with, agree with, tiniv Xen .; c. acc ., th;n aJmartivan xunevgnwsan shared the error, Thuc. :— absol. to consent, agree, Hdt ., Thuc. ; so in Med. , Hdt.

II. ". eJautw`/ to be conscious, kai; aujtoi; xunevgnwsan sfivsin wJ" hjdikhkovte" Lys .:—so in Med. , suneginwvsketo eJwutw`/ oujkevti ei\nai dunatov" Hdt.

2. to allow, acknowledge, own, confess, ti Id., Att. ; c. acc. et inf. , Hdt. ; c. part ., xuggnoi`men a]n hJmarthkovte" Soph .: —absol. to confess ones error, in Act. and Med. , Id.

III. to have a fellow-feeling with another: and so, to make allowance for him, excuse, pardon, forgive, tiniv Id., etc. ; ". tini; th;n aJmartivan , Lat. ignoscere alicui culpam , Eur .; also c. gen. rei, Plut.

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