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Xen. : generally, an author, a prose-writer, Ar ., Plat.

II. suggrafei`", oiJ , at Athens (in the 21st year of Pelop. war) commissioners appointed to draw up measures for altering the constitution, Thuc.


suggra±fhv , hJ , ( suggravfw ) a writing or noting down, Hdt.

II. that which is written, a writing, book: a history, narrative, Thuc ., etc.
2. a written contract, a covenant, bond, Lat. syngrapha , Id.; sugg. nautikaiv a bond to secure money lent on bottomry, Dem. ; ajndriavnta ejkdedwkw;" kata; suggrafhvn having contracted for its execution, Id. Hence suggrafikov"


suggra±fikov" , hv, ovn , given to writing, esp. in prose, Luc. Adv ., suggrafikw`" ejrei`n to speak like a book, i.e. with great precision, Plat.


sug-gravfw »a±1/4 , f. yw , to write or note down, Lat. conscribere , Xen .;—so in Med. to have a thing written down, take care that it is written down, Hdt.

2. to describe, Id.
II. to compose a writing or a work in writing, Lat. conscribere , povlemon x . to write the history of the war, Thuc. :— esp. to write in prose, Plat.

2. to compose a speech to be delivered by another, Isocr. , Plat. :— Med. to get speeches composed, Plat.

III. to compile, draw up, tou;" patrivou" novmou" Xen .: —Med ., suggravfesqaiv ti to draw up a contract or bond, Id.; suggravfesqai eijrhvnhn prov" tina to make a treaty of peace with another, Isocr. ; absol. to sign a treaty, Thuc .:— patevre" suggegrammevnoi = the Rom. Patres conscripti, Plut.

2. to draw up a form of motion to be submitted to vote, Xen. : so in Med. , Plat.
IV. to paint by contract, Ar.


sug-gumnavzw , f. sw , to exercise together: Pass. to exercise oneself with or together, Plat. Hence suggumnasthv"


suggumnasthv" , ou`, oJ , a companion in bodily exercises, Plat ., Xen.


suv-ge , v. suv .


sug-kaqa±givzw , f. Att. iw` , to burn up together, Plut.


sug-kaqairevw , Ion. sugkat- : f. hvsw : aor. 2 sugkaqei`lon :— to put down together, to join in putting down, to;n bavrbaron Thuc.

II. to accomplish a thing with any one, tiv tini Hdt.


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