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sug-kaqarmovzw , f. sw , to join in composing the limbs of a dead man, to join in preparing for burial, Soph.


sug-kaqevzomai , f. -edou`mai , to sit down together, Plat.


sug-kaqeivrgw , Att. for -kateivrgw , to shut up with another, tinav tini Xen ., etc. :— Pass. to be shut up with, tiniv Aeschin.


sug-kaqevlkw , f. xw : aor. I -eivlkuØsa :— to drag down together: fut. pass. sugkaqelkusqhvsetai Aesch.


sug-kaqeuvdw , f. -eudhvsw , to sleep with, tiniv Aesch.


sugkavqhmai , properly pf. of sugkaqevzomai , to be seated or sit with or by the side of, Hdt ., Eur. : of a number of persons, to sit together, sit in conclave, Ar ., Thuc.


sug-kaqierovw , f. wvsw , to join in dedicating, Plut.


sug-kaqivzw , f. -izhvsw , to make to sit together: Med. or Pass. to sit in conclave, meet for deliberation, Xen.

II. intr ., = Med. to sit with one, Luc.


sug-kaqivhmi , f. -kaqhvsw , to let down with or together, to deposit together, Eur .:— ". eJautovn to let

oneself down, lower oneself, ei[" ti Plat .; and absol. ( sub. eJautovn ) to stoop, condescend, accommodate oneself to others, c. dat ., Id.


sug-kaqivsthmi , f. -katasthvsw : aor. I -katevsthsa :— to bring into place together, ap. Dem.

2. to join in setting up, Lat. constituere , th;n turannivda Aesch ., etc. :—of settling disturbed countries, Thuc. :— to help in arranging, managing, treating, Eur.


sug-kaivw , Att. -kavw »a<Eth>1/4 , f. -kauvsw , set onfire with or at once, burn up, Lat. comburere , Plat.


sug-ka±kopa±qevw , f. hvsw , to partake in sufferings, N.T.


sugka±koucevomai , Pass. to endure adversity with another, tini N.T.

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