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sug-kentevw , f. hvsw , to pierce together, to stab at once, Lat. telis confodere , Hdt .: —Pass ., e[melle sugkenthqhvsesqai Id.


sug-keravnnu<Eth>mi or -uvw , f. -keravsw »a±1/4 : pf. -kevkra<Eth>ka :— Pass. , f. -kra<Eth>qhvsomai : aor. I -ekravqhn »a<Eth>1/4 , Ion. -ekrhvqhn : pf. -kekra<Eth>mai :— to mix up with, commingle or blend with, temper by mixing with, tiv tini Plat.

2. to mix together, commingle, pollav Id.; ejx ajmfotevrwn x . to make a mixture of both, Id.
3. to attemper, compose, N.T.
II. Pass. to be commingled, blended together, Aesch ., Eur. , etc.
2. of friendships, to be formed by close union, Hdt .: —Med ., sugkeravsasqai filivan to form a close friendship, Id.

3. of persons, to be closely attached to, tini Xen .: to become involved in misfortune, Soph. , etc. ; oi[ktw/ sugkekramevnh deeply affected by. . , Id.


sug-keraunovw , f. wvsw , to strike with or as with a thunderbolt, shiver in pieces, Eur.


sug-kefa±laiovw , f. wvsw , to bring together under one head, to sum up, Xen .: —Pass. to be brought under one head, summed up, Aeschin .; of business, to be summarily done, Xen.


sugkecuØmevnw" , Adv. pf. pass. part. of sugcevw , confusedly, indiscriminately, Arist.


sug-kindu<Eth>neuvw , f. sw , to incur danger along with, tiniv Thuc ., etc. ;— absol. to be partners in danger, Xen ., Dem. , etc.


sug-ki<Eth>nevw , f. hvsw , to stir up together, N.T.


sug-klaivw , f. -klauvsomai , to weep with, tiniv Anth.


sug-klavw , f. -klavsw , to break off: Pass. to be cramped, Plat.


suvgkleisi" , old Att. xuvgklh/si" , ew", hJ : ( sugkleivw ):— a shutting up, closing up (of a line of battle), Thuc.

II. a narrow pass, defile, Plut.


sug-kleivw , f. -kleivsw : Ion. -klhivw , f. -klhivsw : old Att. xug-klhv/w , f. -klhv/sw :— Pass. , aor. I sunekleivsqhn , old Att. xuneklhv/sqhn : pf. sugkevkleimai or -eismai , old Att. xunkevklh/mai , Ion.

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