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sunkeklhvimai :— to shut or coop up, hem in, enclose, Hdt .; ej" tovpon Thuc .; xunevklh/e dia; mevsou shut off and intercepted them, Id.:— Pass. , livmnh sugkeklhimevnh ou[resi Hdt .; sugkeklh/mevnh muffled, Eur.

2. to set together to fight as in the lists, Id.
II. to shut close, to close, o[mma Id.; ta;" puvla" Thuc .: absol. , suvgkleie shut the doors, Ar.
III. ". ta;" ajspivda" to lock their shields, Xen. : absol. to close up the ranks of an army, Thuc. : Pass. , to; ouj xugklh/sqevn the part that was not closed up, of a gap in the line, Id.

2. Pass. to be well linked, Eur.


sug-klevptw , f. yw , to steal along with, Antipho.


sug-klhronovmo" , on , a joint-heir with, tinov" N.T.


suvg-klhro" , on , having portions that join, bordering, neighbouring, Eur.


sug-klhrovw , f. wvsw , to embrace in one lot, choose by lot, Plut.

II. to assign by the same lot, tiv tini Dem .: to couple with one, tinav tini Aeschin.


suvgklh/si", sugklhv/w , v. suvgkleisi" , sugkleivw .


sugklhtikov" , hv, ovn , of senatorial rank, Lat. senatorius , Plut. From suvgklhto"


suvg-klhto" , on , called together, summoned, Soph.

II. ". ejkklhsiva at Athens, an assembly specially summoned by the strathgov" ( opp. to the ordinary meetings, aiJ kurivai ), Decret. ap. Dem. :—generally, suvgklhto" ( sc. ejkklhsiva ) , hJ , a legislative body, Arist.


sug-kliØnivai , aiJ , the meeting-line at the foot of two mountain slopes, Plut. From sugklivnw


sug-klivnw »i<Eth>1/4 , f. -kliØnw` , to lay together: Pass. to lie with another, c. dat ., Hdt. , Eur.


sug-klonevw , to dash together, confound utterly, Il.


suvg-kluØ" , uØdo", oJ, hJ , ( kluvzw ) washed together by the waves; metaph. , a[nqrwpoi suvgklude" a promiscuous crowd, a mob, rabble, Lat. colluvies hominum , Thuc .; so suvgklude" alone, Plat.


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