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savw , pres. med. imperat. of saovw .

II. Ep. 3 sing. impf. act.


sawvsw , fut. of saovw : Ep. inf. sawsevmen .


sawvtero" , Comp. of savo" .


sawvth" , ou, oJ , ( saovw ) poët. for swthvr , Anth.

sbevnnumi, SBE vNNU MI, sbevnnumi

SBE vNNU-MI or -uvw : f. sbevsw , Ep. sbevssw : aor. I e[sbesa , Ep. inf. sbevssai :— Med. , f. sbhvsomai : aor. I ejsbesavmhn :— Pass. , aor. I ejsbevsqhn : pf. e[sbesmai :—besides these, the aor. 2, pf. and plqpf. act. are used intr. , e[sbhn, e[sbhka, ejsbhvkein . To quench, put out, Lat. extinguere , Hdt ., Pind.

2. generally, to quench, quell, check, sb. covlon, mevno" Il.; u{brin Simon.; kuvmata Ar ., etc.
II. Pass. sbevnnumai (with intr. tenses of Act. , v. supr.), to be quenched, go out, Lat. extingui , of fire, Il.: metaph. of men, to become extinct, die, Anth.

2. generally, to be quelled or lulled, of wind, Od. Hence sbesthvrio"


sbesthvrio" , a, on , serving to quench fire, Thuc.


-se , adverbial Suffix, denoting motion towards, e.g. a[llose to some other place.


se-autou` , -h`" , contr. sautou` , -h`" , Ion. sewutou` , h`" . reflexive Pron. of 2nd pers., of thyself, only in gen. , dat. and acc. sing ., masc. and fem. , Hdt. , Att. ; ejn sautw`/ genou` contain thyself, Soph. :—in pl. separated, uJmw`n aujtw`n , etc. : and orig. it was separated in sing. , as in Hom. , who always says soi; aujtw`/, sÆ aujtovn .

sebavzomai,, sebavzomai

sebavzomai ; Ep. 3 sing. aor. I sebavssato : aor. I in pass. form ejsebavsqhn :— to be afraid of, ti Il.


sevba" , tov , only in nom. , acc. , and voc. sing .: ( sevbomai ):— reverential awe, a feeling of awe, Hom ., etc. :—generally, reverence, worship, Trag .; c. gen. objecti, Dio;" sevba" reverence for Jove, Aesch.

II. the object of awe, holiness, majesty, Eur .: periphr. for persons, ". khruvkwn , i.e. Hermes, Aesch.

2. an object of wonder, a wonder, h. Hom. , Soph. : an honour conferred on one, as the arms of Achilles on Ulysses, Soph.


sevbasma , ato", tov , an object of awe or worship, N.T.

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