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more letters, Plut. From sugkovptw


sug-kovptw , f. yw : pf. -kevkofa :— to break up, cutup, Hdt ., Xen.

2. to thrash soundly, pound well, Xen .; —Pass ., pf. inf. sugkekovfqai Ar .; part. sugkekommevno" Eur.


sug-kosmevw , f. hvsw , to confer honour on, to be an ornament to, Xen.


sug-koufivzw , f. Att. iw` , to help to lighten, help to keep above water, Luc.


suvg-kra<Eth>si" , ew", hJ , a mixing together, commixture, blending, tempering, Thuc ., Plat. , etc.


sug-kra±tevw , f. hvsw , to keep troops together, Plut.


suvg-kra<Eth>to" , on , ( keravnnumi ) mixed together, closely united, Eur.


sug-krivnw »i<Eth>1/4 , f. -kriØnw` , to compound, Plat.

II. to compare, ti prov" ti Arist ., etc. : to measure, estimate, Anth. Hence suvgkrisi"


suvgkriØsi" , hJ , a compounding, Plat ., etc.

II. a comparing, comparison, Arist ., etc. ; and sugkritevon


sugkriØtevon , verb. Adj. one must compare, Arist.


sug-krotevw , f. hvsw , to strike together; ". tw; cei`re to clap the hands for joy, Xen. ; but also to smite them together in grief, Luc. :— Pass. to be applauded, Xen.

II. to hammer or weld together, Ar .: hence, to weld a number of men into one body, i.e. organise them, Dem. , etc. :— pf. pass. part. sugkekrothmevno" well-trained, in good discipline, Xen ., Dem.


suvgkrousi" , hJ , collision: a conflict, Plut .; and sugkrousmov"


sugkrousmov" , oJ , = foreg., Plut. From sugkrouvw


sug-krouvw , f. sw , to strike together, Lat. collido , ". tw; cei`re to clap the hands, Ar.

2. metaph. to bring into collision, Dem .; ". tina;" ajllhvloi" to wear out by collision, Thuc.

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