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3. intr. to clash together, come into collision, Id., etc.


sug-kruvptw , f. yw , to cover up or completely, Eur .:— to conceal utterly, Id., Xen. , etc.


sug-ktavomai , f. hvsomai , Dep. to win or gain along with another, c. dat ., Thuc. ; th;n o{lhn cwvran sugkthvsasqai to have gained joint possession of it, Arist.


sug-ktivzw , f. ivsw : pf. -evktiØka :— to join with another in founding or colonising, Hdt ., Thuc.

II. Pass ., pf. part. sunektismevno" well-cultivated. Hence sugktivsth"


sugktivsth" , ou, oJ , a joint-founder or coloniser, Hdt.


sugkuØbeuthv" , ou`, oJ , a fellow-gamester, Aeschin. From sugkubeuvw


sug-kuØbeuvw , f. sw , to play at dice with, tiniv Hdt.


sug-kuØkavw , f. hvsw , to confound utterly, Ar.


sug-kuØlindevomai , Pass. to roll about or wallow together, Xen.


sug-kuØnhgevth" , ou, oJ , = sugkunhgov" , Xen. , Aeschin.


sugkuØnhgevw , f. hvsw , = sugkunhgetevw , Arist. From sugkunhgov"


sug-kuØnhgov" , Dor. and Att. -kuØna<Eth>gov" , oJ, hJ , a fellowhunter, Eur .; fem. a fellow-huntress, Id.


sug-kuvptw , f. yw , to bend forwards, stoop and lay heads together, Ar .: —metaph ., sugkuvyante" poiou`si they do it in concert, in conspiracy, Hdt .; ej" e}n sugkekufevnai to be acting in concert, Ar. :—generally, to draw together, of the wings of an army, Xen.


sug-kuØrevw : aor. I -ekuvrhsa and -evkursa :— to come together by chance, Il., Hdt. : to meet with an accident, sugkuvrsai tuvch/ Soph .; eij" e}n moivra" xunevkursa" art involved in one and the same fate, Eur.

2. c. part ., like tugcavnw, sunekuvrhse parapesou`sa nhu`" fell in the way by chance, Hdt.
II. of events and accidents, like sumbaivnw , to happen, occur, Id., Eur. :— impers. , c. inf .,

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