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sug-corhgevw , f. hvsw , to furnish as supplies, Plut. II. to contribute towards a thing, c. dat ., Id.


sug-corhgov" , ovn , a fellow-choragus: generally, sharing with a partner in the expense, Dem.


suvgcorto" , on , with the grass joining, i.e. bordering upon, c. gen ., Eur. ; Farsaliva" suvgcorta pediva i.e. the marches or boundaries of Pharsalia, Id.


sugcovw , v. sugcwvnnumi .


sug-cravomai , f. hvsomai , Dep. to make joint use of, avail oneself of, c. dat ., Polyb. : generally to have dealings with, tini N.T.

II. to borrow jointly, tiv tino" something from another, Polyb.


suvg-croo" , on , contr. -crou" , oun ( crova ) of like colour or look, Polyb.


sug-cuvnw , only in pres. , = sugcevw , to confound, N.T.


suvgcuØsi" , ew", hJ , ( sugcevw ) a commixture, confusion, Eur .; ". e[cein to be confounded, Id.

II. of contracts and treaties, a violation, Thuc ., etc.


sug-cwneuvw , f. sw , to melt down, Dem.


sug-cwvnnu<Eth>mi and -uvw , in earlier writers sugcovw , inf. sugcou`n : f. -cwvsw : pf. pass. -kevcwsmai :— to heap all together, to heap with earth, cover with a mound, bank up, Hdt.

II. to make into ruinous heaps, demolish, Id.
2. generally, to confound, Aesch.


sug-cwrevw , f. hvsw and -hvsomai :— to come together, meet, pevtrai sugcwrou`sai the Symplegades, Eur. ; sugcwrei`n lovgoi" to meet in argument, Id.

II. to make way, give place, yield or defer to, Lat. concedere , tiniv Ar ., etc. ; Surhkosivoisi th`" hJgemonivh" sugc . to make concessions to them about the command, Hdt. ; in bad sense, to be in collusion with, connive at, toi`" ponhroi`" Dem .; x. prov" tina" to come to terms with them, Thuc.

2. to accede or agree, assent to, acquiesce in anothers opinion, Hdt. , Att. :— absol. to agree, acquiesce, consent, assent, Soph .; to; sugkecwrhko;" th`" eujsebeiva" a yielding, unexacting temper

of piety, Dem.

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