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3. c. acc. rei, to concede, give up, yield, Hdt ., Att. :— Pass. , ta; sugcwrhqevnta crhvmata Dem.
4. to concede or grant in argument, Plat. ; c. acc. et inf. to grant that, Id.
5. impers. sugcwrei` , it is agreed, it may be done, o{ph/ a]n xugcwrh`/ as may be agreed, Thuc. Hence sugcwvrhma


sugcwvrhma , ato", tov , a concession, Plut .; and sugcwrhtevo"


sugcwrhtevo" , a, on , verb. Adj. to be conceded, Luc.

2. neut ., sugcwrhtevon one must concede, Plat .: so in pl. sugcwrhteva , Soph.


suvdhn »uØ1/4 , Adv. ( seuvw ) impetuously, hurriedly, Aesch.


suveio" , a, on , ( su`" ) of swine, Lat. suillus , Xen . ,Luc.


su-zavw , f. -zhvsw , to live with another, c. dat ., Dem. , etc. ; c. dat. rei, ". filopragmosuvnh/ to pass ones life in meddling, Id.:— absol. to live together, Arist.


su-zeuvgnu<Eth>mi , f. -zeuvxw , to yoke together, couple or pair together, Hdt ., Zen.: esp. in marriage, Eur. , etc. :— Med. to yoke for oneself, Xen .: —Pass. to be yoked or coupled with, tiniv Eur .: absol. , suzugevnte" oJmilou`si they live in close familiarity, Xen. Hence suvzeuxi"


suvzeuxi" , ew", hJ , a being yoked together, esp. of wedded union, Plat .:—of things, close union, combination, Id.


su-zhtevw , f. hvsw , to search or examine together with another, c. dat ., Plat.

II. ". tiniv or prov" tina to dispute with a person, N.T. Hence suzhththv"


suzhththv" , ou`, oJ , a joint inquirer: a disputer, N.T.


su-zofovw , f. wvsw , to darken utterly, Anth.


suzuØgiva , hJ , = suvzeuxi" , Eur.

II. a yoke of animals, a pair, Id., Plat.


suzuvgio" , a, on , poët. for suvzugo" , joined, united, Eur.

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