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su<Eth>ko-lovgo" , on , ( levgw ) gathering figs.


su<Eth>komoreva or -aiva , hJ , = sukovmoro" , N.T.


su<Eth>kov-moron , tov , the fruit of the sukovmoro" , Strab.


su<Eth>kov-moro" , hJ , ( movron ) the fig-mulberry, an Egyptian kind that bears its fruit on the branches, called also sukavmino" hJ Aijguptiva , Theophr.


su<Eth>ko-mwraiva , hJ , = sukovmoro" , N.T.

su`kon, S `UKON, su`kon

S `UKON , tov , the fruit of the sukh` , a fig, Lat. ficus , Od., etc. : proverb., su`ka aijtei`n , i.e. to be dainty, Ar.

II. a wart on the eyelid, Id. Hence sukovomai


su<Eth>kovomai , Pass. to be fed with figs, Anth.


su<Eth>ko-tra±gevw , f. hvsw , ( tragei`n ) to eat figs, Theophr.


su<Eth>kofantevw , f. hvsw , ( sukofavnth" ):

1. c. acc. pers. to accuse falsely, slander, calumniate, Ar ., Plat. :— Pass. to be falsely accused, Xen. , etc.

2. c. acc. rei, to misrepresent, Dem .:—but also, to extort by false accusations, Lys ., N.T.
3. absol. to deal in false accusations, Ar ., Plat. : generally, to deal falsely, to give false counsel, Dem. Hence sukofavnthma


su<Eth>kofavnthma , ato", tov , a sycophants trick, false accusation, calumny, Aeschin.


su<Eth>ko-favnth" , ou, oJ , ( faivnw ) a false accuser, slanderer, Ar ., etc. ; (never used in the modern sense of sycophant, i.e. kovlax ):— genepally , a false adviser, Dem. (Commonly derived from su`kon, faivnw , one who informed against persons exporting figs from Attica: better perh. a fig-shewer, i.e. one who brings figs to light by shaking the tree (the figs having been hidden in the thick foliage); and then, metaph. , one who makes rich men yield up their fruit by false accusations). Hence sukofantiav


su<Eth>kofantiav , hJ , false accusation, slander, calumny, Xen ., etc.

II. a sophism, Arist .; and sukofantiva"

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